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Acute Complications Of Diabetes - Diabetic Ketoacidosis

- [Voiceover] Oftentimes we think of diabetes mellitus as a chronic disease that causes serious complications over a long period of time if it's not treated properly. However, the acute complications of diabetes mellitus are often the most serious, and can be potentially even life threatening. Let's discuss one of the acute complications of diabetes, known as diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA for short, which can occur in individuals with type 1 diabetes. Now recall that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. And as such, there's an autoimmune destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas, which prevents the pancreas from producing and secreting insulin. Therefore, there is an absolute insulin deficiency in type 1 diabetes. But what exactly does this mean for the body? To get a better understanding, let's think about insulin requirements as a balancing act with energy needs. Now the goal here is to keep the balance in balance. As the energy requirements of the body go up, insulin is needed to take the glucose out of the blood and store it throughout the body. Normally in individuals without type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is able to produce enough insulin to keep up with any amount o Continue reading >>

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  1. alpha femme

    I have a lame question.
    If you eat something that knocks you out of ketosis, how long between eating it and seeing the results on a ketostix?
    I'm not cheating, I'm just really curious.

  2. Mike

    My understanding is that on this program, the state of ketosis we are in is so light that it doesn't even show on a stick. I say if you are following the program, and you are losing weight and feel good, you are in... if you aren't following it, and start to feel lousy, you may be out.
    This is by no means a scientific approach, but, I'll say it anyway.

  3. Diana

    Hey, Alex!
    The topic of ketosis has been brought up a lot on this forum. For more of what has been said in the past, try doing a search on the topic. Good stuff, Maynard!
    For me, I know when I'm back in ketosis when my energy goes back up, I stop fixating on anything NOT on the protocol, and I no longer feel like harming my husband for no apparent reason. Depending on what knocked me out, it could be 1 day, it could be 4 (and then I keep track so it doesn't happen again).

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