Keto Vs Atkins Reddit

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The Ketogenic Diet 101: Everything You Need To Know About The Diet That’s Taking The World By Storm.

The ketogenic diet is a remarkable way of eating with numerous health benefits. With the ketogenic diet, you switch your body’s preferred source of fuel from carbohydrate to stored fat, which is a cleaner fuel, more healthful fuel, that the body and the brain loves. For some people, this takes more time than others. But at most 6 weeks (if you’ve really been hitting the carbs). By then, if you stick to the diet, you can know, with all absolute certainty, that you are running on fat solely. The Keto Philosophy It is a state in which we switch our body’s prefered source of energy from sugar to fat. Of course, this is what we want to do. We want to burn excess fat off the body and get lean, right? Most people eat a carbohydrate rich diet, consistently spiking insulin and running on glucose. Glucose, in fact, is the preferred source of energy for the body. It’s easy. The body will use whatever is within easy reach—which is why when it’s starving it turns to nutrient rich muscle. It wants that immediate energy glucose gives it. Ketosis happens when we effectively switch our body’s source of energy to our fat stores instead of an instream of glucose by eating a low carbohyd Continue reading >>

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  1. thefuryandthesound

    If this is sidebar, sorry I must have missed it.

  2. Emmie618

    That's some recent versions of Atkins. In his original work, Dr. A actually suggested that people remain at 20g -30g of carbs until just before goal weight and then gradually add at 5g increments until their appetite soared (out of ketosis). Many people who are not carb sensitive would then return to 100-150g of carbs---but those of us with extreme carb sensitivity discovered that we had to remain much lower.
    My carb limit is about 30g, and I've been eating about 20g or fewer for the past 10 years. This enabled me to lost close to 180 lbs and maintain my loss for the past 6+ years.
    Atkins, done as originally designed, is ketogenic for those of us who need it.

  3. Addbutter

    Yeah, DrAtkin's message has been reinterpreted so many ways from original. Also the audience for the most part wasn't as into the background intricacies.

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