Keto Too Much Protein Reddit

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Find Your Keto Macros

Fine tune your fat-burning with the perfect keto ratio. Learn the special concerns for protein and fat ratios, how to track your keto macros and where to find the wiggle room. Best keto ratio for rapid fat-burning Printable keto food pyramid Online keto calculator Printable list of keto macros: calories, fat, net carbs, protein Keto macro is short for ketosis macro-nutrient. The three keto macro-nutrients are fats, proteins and carbs. Sometimes, calories are also considered part of the equation. What’s the best keto ratio? “Best” depends on your goals. A typical keto ratio has 75% of calories from fat, 20% of calories from protein and 5% of calories from fiber-rich carbs. A Typical Keto Ratio Keto Tip: A perfect ketogenic ratio happens when the amount of protein grams are equal to or slightly great than the grams of fat. Keto Food Pyramid Keto foods center around healthy fats, with moderate amounts of protein and scant carbs. During ketosis, think of fat as a food group. The Atkins Keto Food Pyramid illustrates which of the 200 ketosis foods to enjoy liberally and which ones to limit. Click the image to view, print or save. Tracking Keto Macros Track keto macros helps identif Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    Look, I like steaks. I like bacon. I can enjoy a burger.
    But I fucking like chicken. I like chicken BREASTS. And I like beef jerky, which is a miracle if you can find it with fewer than 7g of carbs or more but I digress.
    According to my scale, I have 111 or so pounds of lean body mass, but it seems like I'm incapable of eating fewer than 130g of protein every day. I mean hell, even on days when 80%+ of my calories come from fat, I've eaten too many grams of protein.
    I can't just eat butter and coconut oil. I put butter in my chicken broth, even though imo that ruins the taste.
    How the hell am I supposed to lower my protein and eat more fat in a way that isn't 100% gag worthy?
    Why are you so concerned about eating too much protein? How much is 'too much' protein?

  2. B1GJV

    Are you still losing weight? 130g might not be TOO much, but on the high side. I struggle to get enough protein some days and I love my meat.... 130g of protein is about 400g of chicken! nearly a pound of chicken? that's a lot of chicken.

  3. B1GJV

    Yip! there's about 950kcal in 400g of chicken, if that's 20% then the other 80% = 3800kcal, which is a total of 4750 calories!!!!!
    OP, are you sure you have your macros correct? anyway, 130g of protein is 1.2g per lbs of LBM, so if that's what you're eating I wouldn't worry,

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