Keto Results 2 Weeks

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Week Two Keto (low Carb) 7 Day Meal Plan And Progress

OK! Here we go with week 2! Some of you have been posting your progress so far on the Facebook page and it’s super exciting to see that you are doing so awesome with the plans! Please post your progress here from the Week One Plan, so that the people who don’t use facebook can be inspired as well! I’ll go first! I restarted last Thursday and as of this morning I was down exactly 10 lbs! I’m sure it will slow down from here on out, but it was a great boost initially. In the interest of full disclosure, I have not been following the plan I gave you guys. My allergies have been acting up since Tuesday, which means I have to be really careful what I eat or I could have a reaction and end up in the ER again. It’s annoying, but so far the DE has helped keep it under control. To read about my oral allergy syndrome issues you can catch up on my post about it from last year. Anyway, I’ve been eating mostly macadamia nuts, avocados, chicken cooked with just salt and olive oil, and last night some ground beef. Probably only getting about 800 calories a day the last three days. If it gets worse as the season progresses, I’ll have to go on steroids which I’m trying to avoid. Any Continue reading >>

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  1. Fallen612

    after 2 weeks of keto. my results!! and a few questions.

    well tommorow is my official 2 week weigh in but thursday night i cheated and looked. my starting weight was 175 im 5'10'' and about 20% body fat. well thurdsay night i looked and the scale said 166!! wahoo. i figure 9lbs in 2 weeks isnt bad. but theres always some questions. i went out friday night after work and didnt eat anything. my friends and i went for fast food but i didnt eat anything. until i came home and i ate some bacon. but it was late and i didnt do my workout. i felt so bad. i usually do my workout mon-fri. and take off saturday nad sunday.
    but heres my questions. today was my first carb up. i started at 9 this morning and just finished about 20 minutes ago. 12 hours. i ate
    2 kellog strawberry waffles with penut butter and syurp
    2 yogurts
    a plate of lobster ravioli
    a good bit of bread to eat with the ravioli but no crust(gross)
    a starbucks frappachino
    a cliff energy bar
    that was my carb up day. was that ok.?? hoping so i tried to keep the fat low. now my big question is will my weigh in tommorow morning be affected by this. i feel so big im gonna pop. haha. i checked the scale when i got home from eating the itallian and with my pajama pants on, t-shirt, boxers, and socks i weighed 171. but your always heaver in the evening. but i wanted to know if my weigh in will be messed up.
    and also will i need to wait and carb up in another 2 weeks?? thanks?
    and is the 6 star whey protein good stuff? i wanted to take it after my workouts? thanks!!

  2. Doobie2270

    I always weight 5-10 pounds more than normal after carbing up. There's probably no way to weight yourself tomorrow without seeing inflated results. Should be back to normal weight by wednesday.
    The only way I'm going to criticize your carb up is if you provide macro %'s.
    You only wait 1 week to carb up after initial 14-day induction. If weight loss stalls, may want to reduce carb ups to 2/month.

  3. Fallen612

    sorry for the newb question but what is macro %'s

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