Keto Protein Shake Heavy Cream

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Avocado Smoothie

You know those Pinterest fails where the outcome never looks like the photo? Well that’s how my last blender caught on fire while my wife was making some frozen two ingredient ice cream amalgamation. I was able to fix the blender but it never really was the same. So for Christmas my wife got me the blender I always wanted, the Vitamix Pro 750!! First up on my list to make is an Avocado shake that my sister raves about. I’ve tried it before with my old blender but it always had big blocks of ice and didn’t ever fully mix. I decided to revisit it with the Vitamix and it was awesome! Look for more Vitamix Recipes as I experiment with this bad boy over the next few months. I also plan on starting a low carb smoothie series to cover all the keto options out there. Supposedly you can make all sorts of crazy nut butters and soups with this thing as well. If you have any good suggestions or recipes for me sound off in the comments! Here’s the Vitamix with all the ingredients you’re going to use. The original recipe had all heavy cream but it was just way too many calories so I split it up into half Almond Milk and half heavy whipping cream. You can use any sweetener but I prefer Continue reading >>

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  1. Tinkykittyt1

    Hey also I have a question. I typically don't like to have to make breakfast in the morning and I used to have protein shakes in the morning prior to doing keto and I have done a lot of research and there's a lot of different ones out there that have recipes and different keto friendly protein powder but I am curious of which one is going to be the best and also the not cheapest but not the most expensive. Also I seen a lot of the pre-made Atkins shakes in the store and they look good with the amount of carbs and the amount of protein yet they will have one gram of sugar and we typically are trying to stay away from the sugar but I'm not sure if that one gram would really even matter on the keto diet. I would love some feedback on what's the best kind for me to get and what's the easiest and most pocket friendly type. And also on the weekends I typically have never really eaten a lot I normally have like one meal a day so I think having a shake in the morning and being able to fast the rest of the day would actually be ok for me but I'm kind of curious of what your Insight would be on that. Any help or suggestions or even recipes would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks so much

  2. mikki

    have you tried fat in the morning? why not replace the shake with a fatty beverage...bpc? bpt or cocoa? or just eat some fat and then fast until your meal?
    i was a die hard "gotta have my protein shake" person....i'm not anymore. which is going to save me some cash lol
    there have been a lot of posts about protein being insulinogenic but especially protein powders/shakes
    IMO all Atkins products are crap....
    if you have to have shakes....
    if you're looking for a whey protein look for whey isolate over concentrate.
    Isopure is isolate with zero carbs (most flavors) and sort of a middle of the road price point

    edit: and if you do have a shake add some fat to buffer the protein. almond butter, coconut/mct oil, or the likes

  3. MarkGossage

    I just have tea in the morning and fast until lunchtime at the earliest.

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