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Ketodiet Buddy Easy Way To Calculate Your Macros On A Ketogenic Diet

Net Carbs Protein Fat 25 grams 92 grams 171 grams 100 kcal 366 kcal 1534 kcal 5 % 18 % 77 % Net Carbs Protein Fat 25 grams 92 grams 144 grams 100 kcal 366 kcal 1294 kcal 6 % 21 % 73 % Net Carbs Protein Fat 25 grams 92 grams 117 grams 100 kcal 366 kcal 1054 kcal 7 % 24 % 69 % Net Carbs Protein Fat 25 grams 92 grams 91 grams 100 kcal 366 kcal 814 kcal 8 % 29 % 63 % We have open-sourced KetoDiet Buddy, you can now find it on Github. What is the Ketogenic Diet? Ketogenic diets are high in fat, adequate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Generally, the macronutrient ratio varies within the following ranges: 60-75% of calories from fat (or even more), 15-30% of calories from protein, and 5-10% of calories from carbs. The exact amount of fat and protein is a matter of individual body responses and activity levels. However, most people on ketogenic diets don't consume over 5% of calories from carbohydrates. In most cases, you won’t need to count calories on a ketogenic diet. However, if you find it hard to lose weight or you are relatively fit and trying to lose a small amount of fat, you may also have to count calories. If you just started following a low-carb diet, don't forget to re Continue reading >>

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  1. martinus

    Keto Calculator 2.0

    It is a slow and lazy Sunday, so I've tried to make something useful: An online calculator that tries to determine how much of what nutrient you should eat each day. The main reason for this is to have something much more accurate than the typically recommended ratios:
    I'd appreciate any feedback!
    UPDATE: Wow, I did not expect such a big interest! I'm trying to improve the calculator while still keeping it simple, and most importantly as scientific accurate as possible. The latest update now remembers your form data so your data is not lost when you reload the page. If you want something improved, please tell me!
    UPDATE 2: I had a second look at the protein numbers. I am now using the middle way between the suggestions from here, and the book "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance". (I used the numbers from the second source earlier). The protein numbers have therefore increased a bit, when you reload the page.
    UPDATE 3: A target caloric goal can be chosen, and percentage for MFP are calculated.
    UPDATE 4: Please see Keto Calculator 2.0
    UPDATE 5: Now it's more flexible. protein intake can be specified, and monthly loss is estimated.
    UPDATE 6: IE support. Lots of minor changes.
    UPDATE 7: Now with fancy estimated weight loss chart
    UPDATE 8: red boxes everywhere (I got complaints that the calculator did not work and the reason was missing data), and some book recommendations
    UPDATE 9: Lower limit of 30g fat for prevention of gallstone formation.
    UPDATE 10: Lots of restructuring, and now you enter target fat instead of target calories.

  2. [deleted]

    easy to use and easy to understand :)

  3. sutrigoo

    Spectacular! This follows the exact procedure in the FAQ, doesn't it? Amazing!

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