Keto Os Before And After

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Keto Diet Before And After

Most women tend to add a lot of weight during pregnancy. You may also find people adding a lot of weight due to high consumption of alcohol or consuming a lot of junk food. One of the recipes that can assist you to lose such weight within a small period is the Keto diet. Are you morbidly obese, depressed and shapeless after pregnancy or a poor lifestyle? Try the Keto diet, and you will be amazed at the results. You may find some people gaining close to 100 pounds from back to back pregnancies or excessive consumption of alcohol. Any obese person can lose a significant amount of weight even in the first ten days of getting to the ketogenic diet. You can cut close to 20 percent of your weight within the first month on the Keto diet. You will also lose all the cravings within the first quarter. Don’t be shocked when you have to replace your clothes after every three months since the ones you had are becoming bigger over time. You will no longer remain prediabetic once you start the ketogenic diet. The levels of cholesterol will be great, normal sugar and great blood pressure. Yeast infections and pimples will also be a gone story once you start the Keto diet. Who wants to get on the Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. SacrificialGoat

    I've been doing keto again since Thursday. I feel like I'm in ketosis, but my ketostix are showing negative. They're left over from a couple years ago, but they've sat in a sealed container since then. Am I wrong or are the ketostix expired?

  2. MissesDreadful

    Keto sticks do expire. Edit: it can be a couple months after you open them to year+. Humidity wreaks havoc on them.

  3. 1_upped

    The pack I bought had an expiry date of about 2 years after I got them. Expiry dates tend to be underestimated by manufacturers to be on the safe side. If they were kept dry/sealed and not subjected to any very hot or cold temperatures they should still work. They aren't very expensive though, maybe buy another pack to be sure.

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