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Is It Okay To Drink Milk During Keto Diet?

While true that milk is relatively high in carbs, excluding altogether isn't necessary. obviously carbs are highly restricted under a keto diet, but if you like a little milk in your coffee or tea you're not going to blow your daily carb limit as long as you're careful. If you are following a keto diet, just know what your daily net carb limit is in terms of grams, following the 75/20/5 keto ratio. And to come up with that number you start by finding your daily calorie goal—slightly fewer calories than what’s needed to sustain your current weight at your current activity level. Then, multiply that total calories number by the percentage for each macro. You then divide each of those numbers by the calories per gram below: Fat = 9 calories per gram Protein = 4 calories per gram Carbs = 4 calories per gram So, if your daily calorie limit is 2500, your net carb target would be 31 grams, and if your calorie limit is 2000, your net car limit would be 25 grams. So just know what your daily net carb limit is and then make reasonable choices to stay under it without giving up the carb-containing foods you most enjoy. For more information on following a keto diet including foods ranked b Continue reading >>

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  1. jlorenzatti

    I'd be interested in hearing from others if they think there are hidden features (good or bad) to following Keto and what they might be
    Here's a couple from me: 1. You have to pay attention to what you eat 2. Many take up cooking for the first time 3. Many of Keto-friendly recipes are easy to make (unlike many other diets)

  2. sev1nk

    You don't cheat because you'd set yourself back 3-4 days

  3. readysteadywhoa

    I almost dropped the ball last week when someone offered me a beer, drank half of it without even thinking. Used up half the carbs for the day :/
    I think it was the first cold beer I poured down the drain, ever. Major alcohol abuse.

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