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5 Keto Supplements That Make Ketosis Easier

Scientists agree the Ketogenic diet is an excellent way to lower blood sugar levels, control insulin resistance, and even manage cholesterol levels; yet, as the saying goes, nothing easy is worth having. The Keto diet can pose some resistance, especially if you’re new to the lifestyle, and staying in Ketosis is not always an easy thing to do. Thankfully, supplements are the natural and easy way to improve your experience. Keto supplements are like any other supplements and seek to meet the demands of your body. As you’ll be eating low carb and running on fat, starting with a good supply of quality fats is the best place to start – and while diet plays a central role, it can be necessary to add Keto supplements to your toolkit to give your body the correct ratio of nutrients and fats. Keep reading to learn the 5 Keto supplements you can use to improve your mood, energy levels, fat loss goals and live a more healthy, productive life. Keto Supplement 1: Fish Oil Did you know fish oils can optimize triglyceride levels when paired with the Keto diet? This is one Keto hack you don’t want to miss. Researchers discovered test subjects who took three fish-oil supplements containing Continue reading >>

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  1. Misskat29

    Hey, so as the title says, I'm Day 9. Haven't had keto flu up to now, but this evening my head is thumping!
    Ate last night at about 8pm, didn't eat again till 1.30pm this afternoon. Which was when I first became hungry.

    Do you think I've just not eaten enough rather than keto flu?

  2. Ceceb

    My guess, like many responses you are going to get, is not enough salt. Eat lots of salt, because your kidneys are flushing sodium out like crazy.

  3. Misskat29

    Would you just take salt on its own to boost or add to food?

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