Keto Gave Me A Heart Attack

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Does A Ketogenic Diet Change Your Lipid Profile

Wrong and outdated health information often causes worry about the healthiness of the ketogenic diet. One of the biggest concerns is: does a ketogenic diet change your lipid profile? In order to tackle and address these concerns, we’ll be covering what lipid profile means, why it’s included in myths about the ketogenic diet and why you don’t need to worry about most of what you’ve been told. Lipids and the Ketogenic Diet The main purpose of the ketogenic diet today is to provide a measurable state of metabolism through nutritional ketosis. There are many benefits of ketosis, including weight loss, better mental clarity, and more energy. These benefits make the ketogenic diet enticing, but what about how it affects lipids in the body? To understand this, let’s discuss what lipids are and the beliefs surrounding them and the keto diet. What is a Lipid Profile? A lipid profile is the measure of fats and fatty substances (lipids) that your body uses as energy. These are usually measured via a lipid panel of blood tests meant to look for any irregularities in your lipid amounts. Lipids include: Triglycerides Cholesterol High-density lipoprotein (HDL, often know as “good,” Continue reading >>

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  1. aznanarchy

    This morning I was sipping on my keto coffee and a coworker asked if I was eating soup b/c of how it looked. I explained that it was coffee with butter and MCT oil in it and the first thing he says is "have fun with that heart attack". I just kind of laughed it off but it really annoyed me. I tried to tell him that's not really what's going to happen but he didn't want to hear it. Why is it necessary to say crap like that and then totally ignore what I have to say in defense of my diet? I guess I will now be drinking my coffee with a cover on it to avoid conversations like this.
    Edit: After thinking about it and reading some of these comments. Screw what anyone else thinks, I'll drink my damn coffee any damn way I want, I don't have to explain what I eat or drink to anyone. KCKO

  2. QuesoChef

    The annoying thing with stuff like this is the people who preach this crap never even fully embraced a low-fat diet. My dad, who had bypass surgery in the 90s was ALL IN on the low fat train. He even ate so little fat, the doctor had to convince him he needed SOME. He spent the 90s until probably 2006ish on a strict diet he NEVER cheated on - with the help of my mom who also adopted the diet to support him and be healthy. They learned to make baked chips, NEVER had a French fry, didn't have pizza, except maybe the discarded (non-pan crust) edge of a slice of pizza with no toppings. He ate bran muffins every day. Every. Day. And they weren't the tasty sugary ones. They were disgusting. With all kinds of "heart healthy" add ins mymmom figured out how to get in them.
    My point is, he embraced the diet, per doctor's orders. He had a small heart attack in 2004 or 2005, which is what made him question the diet when the doctor said, "You made it far longer than most patents!" And then commended his dedicated workout routine for having such a strong heart.
    It took a few years of research before he realized he'd been wrong all of this time. Now he eats a more varied diet. But is still anti fried foods, and too much restaurant or prepared stuff. But now he's leaning away from breads and sugar. And eats more animal products and they're really into healthy fats now. If he can dedicate twenty years of his life to low-fat and adapt to it being wrong, anyone can!

  3. despacito


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