Keto Flu Muscle Aches

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What Is The Ketogenic Diet, And Should You Do It?

Unsustainable diets tend to have one thing in common: They restrict the foods that normally keep you feeling full and recommend limp alternatives that leave you with lingering cravings. If you tend to make a beeline to the vending machine every afternoon, the fast-growing list of devout fans of the ketogenic diet say it might be the answer. The ketogenic diet, also called the "keto" diet, is hardly new, but it's started to swell in popularity—last year it was the fifth-most searched diet on Google. "The ketogenic diet is too often viewed as simply a sugar elimination diet … but really, it is a low-carb diet [that] drastically reduces the foods that turn into sugar in the body," says Maria Emmerich, author of The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse and The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners. In essence, pasta and bread are out, and vegetables and filling, high-fat foods are in. "Even a less intense, modified version can help you reap the keto diet's benefits," says Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS. "By limiting sugars and processed grains, you lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Eating an array of heart-healthy fats can decrease your risk of heart disease," he explains. Curious? Here's everything Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Shocking

    Hey all,
    New to Keto. I've been on it roughly 5 days at this point, but I'm noticing I have random aches on random places on my body. For example right now it's my left bicep. It's not from exercise because my fat ass doesn't exercise right now.
    Is this something I should expect?
    Current macros:
    126g fat
    131g protein
    22g carbs
    From the keto calculator thingy on the sidebar (65% fat, 30% protein, 5% carbs)
    It seems like I'm getting adequate protein intake for my size (this is roughly the same amount of meat I'd usually eat, just add in a shit ton of other bad shit that I currently don't eat?
    It currently feels like I did a roaring bicep workout yesterday (you know the kind where it hurts to extend your arm?)
    Also, I have a strange feeling in the bottom of my stomach throughout the day and I don't understand what it is?
    One more random question: I'm not actually hungry but I haven't quite hit my macros yet today, (see picture for info). Do I really need to fill that out?

  2. erinizzie

    Keto flu, yes, you should expect it but that doesn't mean you can't manage it! This post really helped me: http://www.reddit.com/r/keto/comments/1b89uv/science_avoiding_keto_flu_explained/

  3. Shocking

    Two problems: I've already cut the sugar down for 5 days, so I'm not sure increasing it is gonna help.
    Secondly, I'm hypertensive so I think increasing my sodium intake is probably a bad idea. My BP before I started this diet was still a little on the high side 127 ish, so if this lowers it a little bit that'd technically be fine.
    I'm drinking about 1.5L of water a day and usually have one or two diet sodas fwiw.

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