Keto Flu Muscle Aches

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What Does Lower Back Pain Have In Common With Low Carb Eating?

Strange question, huh? Before you get too excited, I’m not about to tell you that a low carbohydrate diet is a remedy for back pain. Instead, I am going to explain a remarkably parallel experience I’ve had. I never made the connection until this week when a reader asked an unrelated question about lower back pain. The best, worst experience of my life As my third year of medical school was winding down, and I was just about to embark on a bold fourth year curriculum of back-to-back-to-back-to-back surgical sub-internships, I was on top of the world. I was 27 years old, living in Palo Alto, California with my best friends, I had a wonderful girlfriend, I was working hard to prepare for my application to a surgical residency, and I still found time to work out like a wannabe Olympian. What more could I ask for? One sunny, June afternoon I got out of the pool after a good workout and felt a very strange pain in my lower back. After riding my bike a few hundred yards to the weight room, it wasn’t getting better. Actually, it was getting worse. So bad, in fact, I did something I’d never done before – I decided to skip my workout and pedal home. I iced my back, took some ibupro Continue reading >>

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  1. billw

    I started dieting, working out with weights and walking back in December to get my newly diagnosed diabetes under control. I lost about 12 pounds and stalled for three weeks. I read DANDR and decided to give it a try about a month ago. I started Induction and on the second day I was in ketosis but I started having severe neck and shoulder pain like sore pulled muscles. It continued to get worse and by the end of the first week I couldn't stand it anymore so I got out of ketosis and the pain went away within 2 days. I did manage to lose 10 more pounds.
    After a couple weeks I decided to try induction again. last week I started induction on Thursday morning and was in ketosis by lunchtime Friday but thistime the muscle pain started in my legs and groin. By Sunday afternoon the pains was unbearable. It fealt like a bruise but there was no sign of bruising. I stopped induction and this morning the pain began to subside.
    The only thing I can think of is I briskly walked 3 miles on the treadmill Thursday morning when starting induction. The time before I had lifted weights the day I started induction.
    Does going into ketosis with exerted muscles cause problems like this?
    I think I will try one more time after I recover from this last try but this next time I will not do any excercising several days before starting induction.

  2. Natrushka

    Bill, sounds like you're experiencing a magnesium deficiency. When you hit ketosis your body flushes out excess water - along with the water you lose electrolytes and minerals. Replacing potassium, magnesium and calcium will generally alleviate your problem. I know I had night cramping when I began this WOL and w/in one day of supplementing with cal/mag the symptoms disappeared.
    You can get info on supplement doses and times here:
    Cal/Mag and K
    and you can find out about the effects of their lack here:
    Fatigue / Headaches
    Be sure that you are drinking sufficient water as well (2 litres minimum) - it will help with the symptoms and it will help with the fat loss.
    Hope you're feeling better soon
    P.S. It's advisable that you wait a good 2 weeks before starting any exercise program while LCing. Your body will need time to adjust to a new fuel - once Induction is over try adding exercise back slowly to your day. It will take some time to get back to a pre LC intensity, but you'll get there.

  3. billw

    Thanks Natrushka,
    I am drinking 6 - 24oz bottles of water per day so that should be plenty. I am also taking Dr. Whitaker's daily regime vitamin supplement but I don't think it has Magnesium Calcium or Potasium in the amounts recommended in the link you gave.
    I will try an additional supplement to boost the dosage.
    I also didn't take into account being on an exercise program before trying induction. I should have stopped temporarily until after induction.
    What is strange is that I alternate days lifting weights and walking and the only muscle group that seems to have been affected each time was the one exercised the day before ketosis begins. The first time I walked every other day and didn't have a problem with my legs for the whole week. The second time just my legs were affected not my shoulders.
    I guess those tired muscles don't like switching fuels in mid stream. lol.
    Thanks again.

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