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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

So, I don’t know about Y’all, but I love to drink water. However, I know I’m more of the exception than the rule. My husband, kids, and I drink gallons a day and don’t crave anything else; but, again, I know this is the exception. For many, drinking water is “boring”. They want sparkles and flavors and glitter… Well, I’m here to give you a couple of tips to bring you to the hydrated side of the road. First, here’s a water intake calculator for you! Check it out, because it is different for everyone. Y’all probably know by now that I’m not at all a “one-size-fits-all” kind of girl, and that goes for water as well. It all depends on your age, weight, and activity level and this nifty calculator saves the day. Now, why should you be drinking more water, you ask? Maybe it’s because your body is made up mainly of water! Hence, everything works better when everything is adequately hydrated. Think of a flower! If a plant or flower is lacking water, it droops, the leaves sag, petals fall off. Well, my leaves are saggy enough, so I want to keep those babies hydrated and as perky as I can! Being hydrated also means you’re less likely to mistake thirst for hunger Continue reading >>

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    I don't own this so I'm not advertising just diseminating the info for your interest. Can anyone comment about its accuracy? Thanks.

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