Is Stevia Bad For Keto?

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Best Sugar Substitute For Keto? [infographic]

We’re going to be breaking these sweeteners down into 3 distinct categories in order to choose the best sugar substitute for a keto diet. Those categories are Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar Alcohols, and Natural Sweeteners. Check out our video where we touch on everything covered in this blog post and give our recommendations for the best sugar substitute for keto. Artificial Sweeteners These tend to known as intense sweeteners because they are much sweeter than regular sugar. Based on this fact, you only need a fraction of the amount you would normally use with regular sugar. This is seen as a benefit by many. They contain synthetic chemicals that stimulate the sweet taste receptors on your tongue. So, let us break down the different types of artificial sweeteners: Aspartame You might not recognize the name, but if you’ve ever used Equal, you’ve been using aspartame. Aspartame is a low calorie sweetener that is approximately 180 times sweeter than regular sugar. The components that make up this artificial sweetener are amino acid, aspartic acid and phenylalanine, which are not only broken down completely by your body, but found in larger quantities in a great deal of foods, su Continue reading >>

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  1. Katie4004

    Is stevia really keto friendly?

    I read on here that calorie free sweeteners are fine but has anyone been dropped out of ketosis from them?

  2. resilience5241

    Originally Posted by Katie4004
    I read on here that calorie free sweeteners are fine but has anyone been dropped out of ketosis from them?

    They're fine in moderation. Splenda > Stevia in my opinion. Can't stand the taste of Stevia.

  3. Doug55

    Artificial sugars like splenda can have hidden carbs. I packet of splenda is 1 gram of carbs. I think I read somewhere its really like .88 carb and the fda okays that amount to be zero

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