Is Metformin Contraindicated In Congestive Heart Failure?

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Metformin Reduces Mortality In Ckd, Chf, And Cld

FDA label update will increase drug use in persons with historical contraindications or precautions. From 1950 to 1995, we only had 1 class of drugs for type 2 diabetes. Then in 1994, metformin was approved. And it has become the cornerstone therapy for patients with type 2 diabetes. There was and still is a warning of possible lactic acidosis. However, because phenformin was withdrawn due to lactic acidosis in 1977, the FDA put a boxed warning on metformin stating that it should not be used in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), to avoid accumulation of the drug, which could possibly lead to lactic acidosis. There was also a warning concerning individuals who may accumulate lactate such as patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic liver disease (CLD). However, over the years, individuals who had CKD, CHF, or CLD were on metformin. This present study looked at these patients to see if metformin conferred any benefit relative to their chronic diseases. The researchers reviewed five observational studies with a total of 33,442 patients with moderate to severe CKD. In the metformin-treated groups, all-cause mortality was reduced by 33% (HR, 0.77). They looked at Continue reading >>

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  1. RonSwansoneer

    So I tried taking these 15 min before a workout like it says to. Plus some mct, creatine, and c8. Bcaa during the workout. Ate breakfast, skipped lunch, evening exercise. Almost 5 days since last restarting keto adaptation and showing low-moderate on the sticks. What happened was after a set of intense exercise, I started to feel hypoglycemic. Got that really strong hunger pang, followed by nausea right after. Quickly recovered before it progressed to cold sweats and fainting, but I'm curious what you guys think I did wrong here. Passing out from exercise is not something I've almost done before. I thought I should get some extra energy in me since I was still in the keto flu zone, but I was careful of what I took so as not to cause an insulin release during the workout. Should I just not be exercising during that re-adaptation, or did something I took knock my blood sugar too low before I was keto adapted enough to tolerate it better?

  2. balisane

    You ran out of sodium. Return the ketones.

  3. RonSwansoneer

    I did have some low sodium high potassium salt with it, but the ketones were supposed to be sodium and calcium salts. Is there a better brand of ketones, like the sodium potassium one? Or should I have just had some regular salt?

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