Is Ketosis Worth It

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How To Know If The Ketogenic Diet Is Right For You

It’s almost a universally accepted fact that diets leave you hungry. After all, that rumbling tummy two hours after mealtime (not to mention, strict and time-consuming calorie counting) is the reason most New Year’s resolutions fail by February, right? But Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery, the authors of The Ketogenic Bible, say you don’t need to go hungry or count calories to lose weight. The ketogenic diet, also referred to as “keto,” is a dieting method gaining popularity from people with diabetes to CrossFitters. “The ketogenic diet induces ketosis, which is a state where your body is running primarily off of fat and ketones,” explains Wilson, instead of sugar from carbs. “That can occur through lowering your carbohydrates and having very high fat intake.” Specifically, the ketogenic diet targets about 80 percent of calories from fat, 15 percent from protein and 5 percent from carbohydrates. RELATED: Why You Should Eat More Fat and Less Sugar The Upside of Ketosis While this method may have gained popularity among athletes and other hard-core fitness buffs, they’re far from the only ones who will see benefits from this method. “When you implement a well-fo Continue reading >>

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  1. Clinton M McCoy

    I guess almost anything is worth a try as long as it sticks to certain guidelines and you are informed on what you're doing, because everyone's body responds differently too different things. In my professional opinion I do not advise it. I would not advise any type of eating specifically for weight loss purposes unless it's for health reasons.

  2. Ronak Pattani

    It's worth a try to see if it works for you. However, things to consider:

    Calories still matter. Ketogenic diets mean eating lots of fat, fat has a lot of calories so if you eat too much fat, you won't lose weight. I made this mistake when doing keto.
    You might feel tired for the first few weeks whilst your body adapts to using fat for fuel.
    Your workouts might suffer.
    This is a restrictive diet, so might be hard to stick to.
    Keto is not a magic bullet, and carbs / insulin don't automatically mean fat gain.

    Have you tried a less restrictive eating regimen, but doing is consistently for week and months on end?

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