Is Ketosis Real

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Is It Safe To Eat A Low Carb Diet?

Hello my friend, i think i can help you with that information 10 False Things People Say About Low-Carb Diets When arguing about nutrition, it can be hard to get your point across. People often seem biased against ideas that don’t fit with their philosophy. When the topic of low-carb turns up, many people dismiss it, call it a “fad” diet and say that it is either harmful or impossible to stick to. Here are 10 things people say about low-carb diets that just don’t make sense. 1. Low Carb Diets Are Hard to Stick to I often see the claim that excluding entire food groups can be hard and that it is impossible to sustain such an “extreme” change in the way you eat. This point kind of makes sense. Not allowing yourself certain types of foods could lead to feelings of deprivation. But the thing is, all diets restrict something. They either restrict food groups or restrict calories. For some people, the calorie restriction approach may be more feasible. But it is NOT the only way. Many people don’t seem to understand how low-carb diets work and what their main advantage is when it comes to weight loss. This is the fact that eating low-carb leads to automatic reduction in appe Continue reading >>

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  1. W. Prins

    On the initial stages of a ketogenic diet you typically keep your carb intake per day ideally less than 25g. Eating one serving of kamut therefore nearly doubles that budget all by itself, so it’s not surprising that it might interfere or disrupt ketosis.

  2. Stephen Thomas

    Kamut is high in carbohydrates and subtraction of its fibre content (which is essentially what the ‘net carbs’ means) does not negate its high carbohydrate contents effect on the body that much.
    To be in ketosis you need to have around 30g of carbohydrates per day (or less but some people can stay in ketosis at higher levels)
    So let’s assume you’re in the average range of needed 30g of carbohydrates to stay in ketosis. Kamut has 70g for one 100g serving. It’s simply too high in carbs for most people.

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  3. John Limansky

    Great question. In general the idea of net carbs is a farce. Net carbs are calculated taking total carbohydrate content and subtracting the fiber portion to come up with a net carb total. Unfortunately, the net carb is usually underestimating real carb intake and thus kicking you out of ketosis. It’s important to understand how the food you are consuming is impacting your body specifically. Some can tolerate 20-gm or 50 gm or 100 gm before being kicked out of ketosis, while others who are quite insulin/leptin resistant will need to significantly reduce their carbohydrate intake to achieve real ketosis. My advice would be to avoid grains in general if trying to maintain ketosis. Hope that helps!

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