Is Ketosis Natural

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What Is The Ketogenic Diet And Is Ketosis Safe?

Any diet, by definition, is a group of foods consumed for a certain period of time. A “diet” can be as simple as an average daily meal or it can also be part of a treatment program for specific medical conditions. The ketogenic diet, which allows someone to enter a state of nutritional “ketosis”, has long been used in the treatment of epilepsy in children – but its benefits go way beyond this. As you’ll learn, recent studies show that a ketogenic diet can have many uses and benefits – including weight loss, reduced inflammation, cancer-prevention, as more. History of Ketogenic Diets The ketogenic diet was first introduced in 1924 at the Mayo clinic by Dr. Russel Wilder who started the diet to treat epileptic patients. He put his patients on a “fast” and found that epileptic symptoms became less frequent. The popularity of this diet as a means of controlling epilepsy has decreased since this time since powerful anticonvulsant drugs have been invented, but this doesn’t mean that ketogenic diets are not promoted for better health any longer. Since its introduction in the 1920s, the ketogenic diet and entering ketosis remains controversial until today. Although it h Continue reading >>

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  1. Stoutyeoman

    Hello science enthusiasts. Thank you for doing what you do and giving those of us who are on keto some solid info about our diet and what it really means for our bodies.
    I am posting today because I am a little curious about some of the fundamental ideas that many proponents of the ketogenic diet throw around.
    For one, I am curious about whether there is any scientific evidence that ketosis is the body's natural state and that eating carbohydrates is actually an anomalous process. Seeing how grains have been part of the human diet for most - if not all - of recorded history, it seems difficult to support the idea that we were never meant to eat these particular types of plants. Is there any hard scientific data that shows this to be true?
    I am also curious about some of the ideas that keto supporters have about caloric intake. As I've come to understand it, one of the cornerstones of the ketogenic diet for weight loss is the idea that the condition of being overweight or obese is caused by hormonal issues and that the ketogenic diet corrects said issues. The traditional point of view says that hormonal or genetic issues affecting weight gain are a myth. Is there any evidence that some individuals are predisposed to weight gain and that said predisposition disappears or is remedied on a ketogenic diet - or does the science tell us that a ketogenic diet is simpy a way of more easily and more readily reducing our caloric intake while increasing our BMR?

  2. ashsimmonds

    Is there any scientific evidence that sobriety is a natural state?
    Alcohol has been around for all of recorded history, and you can only achieve sobriety by not consuming alcohol. So really sobriety is just someone who's in an ethanol-starved state.

  3. Stoutyeoman

    I thought of a similar comparison myself when I was musing over this. Alcohol is burned off as energy before anything else, and that's anomalous... so one could reason that carbohydrate has a similar status.
    Of course, what I'm looking for are studies that show this.

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