Is Ketosis Good For Weight Loss?

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What Is Ketosis? Understanding The Benefits Of Ketosis

Is Ketosis Safe for You? While your body will experience a ton of benefits when doing keto, one of the main benefits that causes people’s ears to perk up is when they hear about the weight loss that happens. The basis behind this weight loss is a metabolic state that your body goes into known as ketosis. In fact, the whole purpose of the ketogenic diet is to get your body into ketosis. Without ketosis, there is no keto. But what exactly is ketosis? That’s what we are going to explore in this post. What Is Ketosis? In our Keto Dash program we take the approach that the more knowledge you have about keto and what it does to your body, the better chances of success that you will have. That’s why we start all members off with a 5-day boot camp before really diving into the diet. You might roll your eyes at the science part of a diet but it’s essential to understanding why something works and why it doesn’t. So with that being said let’s dive. Ketosis When you deprive your body of carbohydrates, which are the main fuel source for people, you’re also depriving your body of it’s ability to keep glycogen stores filled up. When this happens it needs to find another fuel sour Continue reading >>

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  1. chelseyRN

    This is my 13th day on the ketogenic diet. I bought ketone test strips to test my urine. I've been testing a few times a day and been in the low range. This morning I've tested twice and it says "Large" and correlates with the "8 mmol/L" color on the test strips. I've been "high fat, moderate whole foods carbs" for months, if not longer. I'm not diabetic but have a glucometer to test for blood sugar spikes to know what foods to avoid. My blood sugars have been 60-90s consistently. Is there any concern about spilling too many ketones? Educate me please!!

  2. Jason_v

    Just due to the nature of the presence of the 3 different versions of circulating ketones, some will always spill over to the urine. how detectable they are will depend on your hydration level more than anything else. So no there is no concern, which is good because you can't do anything about it anyway. If you are producing ketones, some will show up in the urine:period. if you are hyper hydrated you won't see many, if you are dehydrated you will see dark purple. Exercise tends to reduce the amount of ketones in the urine, in my experience. There is a falsehood that circulates that your body "learns" to use ketones more effectively thus "spilling less" into the urine but that's not technically correct. Although the use of ketones by different tissues can be up regulated (made more efficient depending on demand) there will always be some in the urine if you are producing them at all.

  3. ketohealthclub

    I'd love to read the data explaining that. Do you have any links? I've definitely read the opposite: that over time your body wastes fewer ketones, which renders the ketostix pretty useless after a few weeks.

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