Is Ketosis Fat Burning?

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The Fat Burning Brain: What Are The Cognitive Effects Of Ketosis?

41 Comments Although mainstream sources still mistake “the brain needs glucose” for “the brain can only run on glucose,” regular MDA readers know the truth: given sufficient adaptation, the brain can derive up to 75% of its fuel from ketone bodies, which the liver constructs using fatty acids. If we could only use glucose, we wouldn’t make it longer than a few days without food. If our brains couldn’t utilize fat-derived ketones, we’d drop dead as soon as our liver had exhausted its capacity to churn out glucose. We’d waste away, our lean tissue dissolving into amino acids for hepatic conversion into glucose to feed our rapacious brains. You’d end up a skeletal wraith with little else but your brain and a hypertrophied liver remaining until, eventually, the latter cannibalized itself in a last ditch search for glucose precursors for the tyrant upstairs. It would get ugly. That’s adaptation. But is there an actual cognitive advantage to running on ketones? Maybe. It depends. It certainly helps people with neurodegeneration. People whose brains suffer from impaired glucose utilization see cognitive benefits from ketones. In Alzheimer’s disease, aging-related cog Continue reading >>

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  1. hybrid

    I havent found it really addressed and its one of the most common questions I get thrown in my direction. Like when measuring through the keto strips, its a change in PH that signals ketosis has been entered.
    Ketosis is acidic to some extent right? Some of the crowd I hang with was influenced by all the alkaline diet movement. How can this be dispelled? The impression they're getting is that ketosis s puts your body into a more acidic state.

  2. Jason Hooper

    Ketone bodies are just as acidic as many of the other essential chemicals in your body. Is ketosis "good for you?" It depends on why you are in ketosis. If you are eating a ketogenic diet, you are probably okay; but, if it is compounded with the excess demination of amino acids (the enzymatic removal of the carboxyl group) there could be other issues.
    Most alkaline dieters are primarily interested in ammonia and ketones are not involved in the uric acid cycle. I am not really sure if that "dispels" it. It is hard to reason with irrational people in the first place!

  3. austinbeals

    (I posted this in another thread regarding alkaline diets, but felt I should share it here as well...)
    It is actually a myth that you can change your blood's pH levels. Dr. Chris Kresser thoroughly explains why in this article. The theory is based on little to no evidence. I definitely would encourage reading his article, as well as the Part Two.
    People will regularly measure the pH of their urine, but that is not an indicator of your blood's pH, nor an indicator of good health in general.
    There are numerous testimonials of an alkaline diet helping people, that is for sure, but in my humble opinion the results are more strongly linked to simply being intentional about one's diet rather than the attempt to "alkalize the body." So yes, people will definitely see an improvement if they drink green smoothies, fruits, and vegetables, instead of processed flours, grain-fed meats, trans fats, and sugar. Everyone would see a dramatic increase after making that switch.
    However, that doesn't mean the science is valid or that avoiding healthy grass-fed beef, butter, low-toxin coffee, or eggs (all deamed acidic) is going to give you optimum levels of health and performance. Correlation is not always causation.
    So, eat what makes you feel good!

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