Is Ketosis Bad For Liver

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Is Wine Bad For Our Liver?

My answer to this question relates to 'alcohol'-related potential harm to the liver, and not specifically related to wine. Wine typically contains between 12-14% alcohol, which is different to that of beer or spirits. Regular light to moderate alcohol drinking generally does not significantly affect or change liver function. Continuous heavy or excessive alcohol drinking, typically for more than 10 years does, however, produce significant changes in liver function, which are related to the capacity of the liver to breakdown alcohol and other foods and drugs. In general, the amount and pattern of alcohol consumed determines the risk and degree of liver damage, although the amount of alcohol it takes to damage the liver varies greatly among individuals, which may reflect gender, genetic and socio-economic differences (Cichoz-Lach et al. 2006a, 2006b, 2007, Stokkeland et al. 2008). It has been suggested that binge drinking, for example, is less associated with the development of alcoholic liver cirrhosis than regular heavy or excessive alcohol drinking (Stokkeland et al. 2008, Hatton et al. 2009). Basically, however, the more you drink, the greater the risk of liver damage (Rehm et al Continue reading >>

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  1. duranie

    ketones in urine

    Ok so should I worry, if so how much. My ketones have been neutral since about 1 weeks after starting insulin therapy, however I've just tested and they're on the "faible" pink. What should I do?, I don't want to make a huge thing out of something that might not be??

  2. l0vaduck

    Nothing to worry about. Just keep an eye on it.
    Most people get traces of ketones now and again, is it a long time since you last ate?
    Only time to worry is if your blood sugar's high with it and you can't get it down. Even then weak ketones aren't going to hurt you.

  3. Caraline

    Yup, like Duck says just keen an eye on it. If you are otherwise well, it is likely nothing to worry about. You can have trace or small amounts of ketones for a number of reasons, some quite innocent... like getting a bit dehydrated, fasting, skipping meals, eating a very low carb diet. Even non diabetic folk can spill ketones & is not uncommon in people following diets like Atkins.

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