Is Ketoacidosis Treatable

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Feline Diabetes

Insulin injections are the preferred method of managing diabetes in cats. Figure 1: To administer an injection, pull the loose skin between the shoulder blades with one hand. With the other hand, insert the needle directly into the indentation made by holding up the skin, draw back on the plunger slightly, and if no blood appears in the syringe, inject gently. Tips for Treatment 1. You can do it! Treating your cat may sound difficult, but for most owners it soon becomes routine. 2. Work very closely with your veterinarian to get the best results for your cat. 3. Once your cat has been diagnosed, it's best to start insulin therapy as soon as possible. 4. Home glucose monitoring can be very helpful. 5. Tracking your cat's water intake, activity level, appetite, and weight can be beneficial. 6. A low carbohydrate diet helps diabetic cats maintain proper glucose levels. 7. With careful treatment, your cat's diabetes may well go into remission. 8. If your cat shows signs of hypoglycemia (lethargy, weakness, tremors, seizures, vomiting) apply honey, a glucose solution, or dextrose gel to the gums and immediately contact a veterinarian. Possible Complications Insulin therapy lowers blood Continue reading >>

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  1. Krystalcore

    Any rhyme or reason why some people aren't affected? I have been pretty consistently low carb less than 25, except for a couple days at 50g. No real side effects besides the poos. :( I have also lost weight, in August I was 219 and went down to 206, had a setback, so restarted and back down to 209. I assume I am in ketosis, I hope I am right.

  2. anbeav

    Some people, in fact many people don't have signs of ketosis, the people who do, talk about it so people think it happens to everyone.

  3. Purp1e_Aki

    I have the same problem, absolutely no indicators that I'm in ketosis but I know I am. I did get Keto Breath but that was for 2 days after which I fixed my electrolytes and it went away. I've lost weight in the 3 weeks as well as keeping my carbs under 25g the entire time. Even if I'm not in ketosis whatever is going on is working so I'll keep doing it

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