Is Ketoacidosis Reversible

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Characteristics Of Severe Alcoholic Ketoacidosis With A Reversible Visual Disturbance

No. Age Sex Alcohol intake Alcoho history Conscious Level Pupil diameter Light reflex Systolic BP unit year g/day year mm mmHg 1 66 Male ? 24 Alert 4 none 82 2 53 Male 100 20 Semicoma 6 none 90 3 63 Male ? ? Alert ? ? 90 4 44 Male 200 over 5 Alert 7 none 80 5 59 Male 170 40 Alert 4 sluggish 73 6 48 Male 180 over 8 Semicoma 7 none 87 7 61 Male ? ? Disoriented 5 ? 65 8 49 Male ? ? Alert ? ? 73 9 48 Female over 110 ? Disoriented ? sluggish 134 10 68 Male ? ? Disoriented 3.5 none 150 11 56 Male ? ? Disoriented 5 none 79 12 49 Female ? ? Alert 3 none 130 13 43 Male 180 over 10 Disoriented ? ? 80 14 57 Female ? ? Alert Dilated sluggish 120 No. pH PCO2 PO2 HCO3 Base excess Lactate Glucose Alcohol BHBA AAA Thiamine deficiency Require of_IC Arrest DH Outcome unit mmHg mmHg mmHg mg/dl mg/dl mmol/l mmol/l mg/dl μmol/l μmol/l 1 6.855 13.9 190.5 2.5 -31.4 ? 69 45.8 140 14 no yes no survival 2 6.497 51 ? 3.8 -29 ? ? 8 1190 332 no yes yes survival 3 6.612 14 ? 1.5 -28 ? ? not exam 6360 261 no yes yes survival 4 6.707 13.6 272.8 1.6 -30 ? 91 0 245 11 no yes yes death 5 6.748 13 134 1.7 -33 270 70 not exam 2160 220 no yes no survival 6 6.748 20.3 151 2.6 -33.9 297 85 27.4 ? ? not exam yes no surv Continue reading >>

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  1. Michael Simpson

    Diabetic ketoacidosis (the formal name, and the one most diabetics use, abbreviating it as DKA) can happen in Type 2 diabetics, but as you implied it is rare.
    Type 1 diabetics totally lack or have insufficient amounts of insulin. So the body produces the antagonistic hormone, glucagon, because there's no insulin, which to the body means there's low glucose. Glucagon then induces the liver to use fat as energy, producing ketone bodies while also forcing the liver to convert glycogen to glucose. Unfortunately, the blood glucose levels are high because the Type 1 Diabetic has no insulin. This causes the blood osmolarity to skyrocket, and the kidneys try to compensate by removing ketones and glucose from the blood.
    Since the kidneys have a maximum capacity to clear excess glucose from the blood, the blood becomes more acidotic and ketone bodies rise at the same time. And that leads to more serious issues like coma and death.
    The feedback systems are all broken, so the body spins out of control. It is often the first sign of Type 1 diabetes.
    So the one difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics is that Type 1 has no insulin, but Type 2 generally has insulin in the blood to suppress the release of glucagon. And this is why it's rare in Type 2 diabetics.

  2. Liang-Hai Sie

    We need insulin to be able to utilize glucose, type 2 has some insulin, not enough because of the insulin resistance, type 1 don't, so in type one ketosis can develop because the lack of insulin causes the body to burn fat that forms ketones if no inslin is administered. I knew a man who every time he was arrested by intent "forgot" to inject his insulin so ended in hospital with a keto-aciditic diabetic coma, out of jail.

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