Is Ketoacidosis Deadly

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis - Can Be Deadly!

If you have diabetes, one of the serious problems you may face is ketoacidosis. In diabetic ketoacidosis, chemicals known as ketones build up in your blood and could eventually lead to diabetic coma or loss of life. But by carefully handling your blood glucose levels and watching for beginning signs of ketoacidosis, you can avoid it to a great extend. What Is Diabetic Ketoacidosis? When blood glucose levels get raised and there is not enough blood insulin, your fat cells start to crack down their storage sites of power, which are known as ketones. Ketones are acid, and that acid builds up in your system. Diabetic ketoacidosis is discovered more often in younger individuals than senior citizens, and more often in women than in men. At least 20 % of individuals learn they have diabetes when they seek medical help for complaints that turn out to be warning signs of ketoacidosis. Common Causes of Diabetic Ketoacidosis The three typical causes of ketoacidosis are: Not enough insulin: This can happen if you do not provide enough insulin to your blood stream or if your blood insulin needs improvement in reaction to an illness such as a cold or the flu. Blood glucose cannot be converted to Continue reading >>

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  1. Liang-Hai Sie

    Nothing to do with his diabetes, more with his molar problem?
    He might have contracted a foodborne infection, often seen when living under less than optimal hygienic circumstances... That can also be a viral infection e.g. acute viral gastro-enteritis, viral hepatitis (there are so many, A and e aren't transfered by blood contact) etc. etc.
    For his health, he better take good care of his diabetes, if not can get blind, have a heart attack, a stroke, or terminal end stage kidney disease (in the US 1 out of 3 is due to diabetes!). Many not well educated diabetics aren't motivated to do anything about controling their diabetes since it doesn't cause any symptom, and wait until catastrophe strikes, by then having been so much damaged that all we docs can do is minimal damage control, too late: Complications of diabetes

  2. Michael Soso

    If he has a history of nauseating headache, the headaches could simply be migraine attacks, unrelated to his diabetes and tooth problem. This is the least alarming interpretation of the facts provided.
    Unfortunately, other possibilities are much more concerning. If he has a dental abscess, the possible complications in the presence of poorly controlled diabetes are numerous, as other posters have indicated. Visits to a dentist and a doctor would appear warranted.
    I hope it all proves to be minor and resolves without much trouble. The comments provided by healthcare providers describe some of the more serious problems that might develop. The Original Poster needs to read these judiciously.
    I suspect some physicians reading your question would immediately want to send a MedEvac helicopter to airlift your father to a major urban hospital. To grossly understate the situation, physicians are worrywarts. If you show us a hangnail, we're already worrying about your imminent need for amputation before you die from gangrene and sepsis because, believe me, we've seen it. No symptom, no matter how seemingly innocuous to a patient, is casually dismissed by a thoughtful doctor. To the contrary, we can't suppress the reflexive review of all the horrors we might be overlooking.
    Consequently, I hope the comments your question elicits are helpful rather than simply terrifying. Best wishes to you and your father.

  3. Steve Rapaport

    Could mean several things, but one of them is deadly dangerous, diabetes related, and easily preventable, so I'd suggest preventing that one right away.
    Tell your dad to drink lots of water, and take a bit of insulin if he has some.
    That way if he's working his way up to a Diabetic Ketoacidosis or an HHS attack, you can head it off right away. They both result from inadequate insulin levels and inadequate water levels, and can be triggered by an inflammation or infection (such as a tooth problem).
    More on both here: Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome

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