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Bodybuilding Insulin Cycle

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  1. jasonb135

    Been doing keto for almost a year, on and off. So finally decided to try the ketostix, (CVS store brand "Ketone Care Test Strips"). Cut out all carbs as possible with the exception of my fiber supplement in the last 2 days, at 14 carbs for 2050 calories. My results were almost Moderate 40. So just to see if they're a gimmick, I did a mild carb up last night with a bowl of menudo with lemon and geen onions, a bowl of cereal and 1%, a quesadilla, and one package of Handisnacks. I know it was a dirty carb up! so did the test this morning and got a negative result. I started back on keto this morning with 3 eggs scrambled with 15g heavy whipping cream, 1 farmer john wiener, 28g marbled jack cheese, 23g of whey = 33% Pro, 2% Carbs, 65% Fat. Waited about 2 hours, tested again, now I'm on Trace 5. So I think these things work. Going to do an hour on the stationary bike now, see if I can rid my body with the rest of the glycogen and produce more ketones. I think its a cool tool to use.

  2. jasonb135

    Just finished the stationary bike for an hour, while maintaining an average HR at about 155, burned 840 calories. Tested at Small 15, I'll try it again tonight a few hours after dinner, hopefully I'll be at Moderate 40 again.

  3. llidisky

    just so you know from what I understand, as long as their is a trace showing, you are in ketosis. You could be at the mod-large output, but well hydrated with water throughout the day and it will delute you urine so that you are only showing a trace to small. They are great to see if there are ketones or not in your pee, but as far as tracking how much, dude if you are showing ketones, you will be fine, don't waste the strips until after the carb up. also, cut all the strips in half if you haven't already. same results, double the quanitity so you get 100% more for the buck .

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