Is Being In Ketosis Safe?

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Is Keto And Ketosis Safe?

The ketogenic diet and ketosis are safe. Not only are they safe, but they are useful in helping people with many different conditions. The ketogenic diet has helped cancer patients, people with diabetes (type 1 and type 2), women with polycystic ovary syndrome, people with heart disease, and many others. So, where does the rumor that the ketogenic diet and ketosis may not be safe come from? Well, it starts with ketones. Rumors Spread Like Ketones in an Insulin Deficient Body One of the primary goals of the ketogenic diet is to enter ketosis (a normal metabolic process when ketones are produced for fuel). Ketosis is primarily regulated by the liver, which helps produce enough ketones to meet the body’s needs. However, ketone production can get out of hand when insulin is deficient, leading to ketoacidosis. This may be where the rumor that keto and ketosis are not safe came from. Ketoacidosis — A Serious Condition That Is Not Caused By The Ketogenic Diet Ketoacidosis is a serious condition caused by uncontrolled diabetes. It is brought on by being born without the ability to produce enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or living a lifestyle that promotes insulin resistance (type 2 di Continue reading >>

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  1. xSinead

    Got weighed today, lost 3lb, very happy.
    Also recieved my ketosis strips through the post so did 1 about 20 mins ago, the colour its showing is a mediam shade of purple (0.8 +++) on the chart!! I have no idea what this means? someone help! What colour should it be???

  2. Gonzo

    I don't bother with them, this may sound awful but I can tell when in ketosis by the smell of my urine.

  3. donnamarie

    My CDC says it should be purple to me.
    So I'm guessing your ok. xx

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