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Does Long Term Ketosis Cause Insulin Resistance?

“It’s a snake.” “It’s a wall.” “It’s a rope.” “It’s a fan.” “It’s a tree.” “It’s insulin resistance.” I’ve always been fascinated by those describing a “new finding” in medicine. I am reminded of the story of 5 men who, never having seen an elephant before, were blindfolded and asked to describe what he discovered. However, each man was introduced to a different part of the elephant. Each of them had a dramatically different description of the elephant and each made a conclusion that was very different from the others. What is fascinating, is that we usually make our “blindfolded comparisons” to those things we have seen or about which we have some descriptive understanding. Observing and describing human physiology is much like examining an elephant while blindfolded for the first time. This week’s “blind-folded finding” is what has been interpreted by some as “insulin resistance” made worse by a ketogenic diet. Really? This perked my curiosity, because I’ve personally been following a low-carbohydrate/ketogenic diet for 10 years and have thousands of patients doing the same. To this day, I’ve never seen insulin resistanc Continue reading >>

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  1. ramid3

    Does my insulin resistance factor into whether or not I would lose fat faster on a ketogenic diet vs one that's balanced and simply reduces calories? I don't have any serious discipline problems while dieting and I have very adaptive lifestyle requirements, so if it's all the same, and keto is just a diet that's more satiating and easier to stick to, I'd rather just go with an otherwise 'normal' diet.
    But I have identifiably poor insulin resistance. I feel bloated, lethargic, and soon-hungry following a high carb meal, and if that factors into me losing fat faster (as so many seem to do), I'd rather go with that. Does it?

  2. anbeav

    Yes! If you're insulin resistance, why would you continue to flog your body with carbs that it can't process efficiently? This isn't a question about fat loss, but health.
    I highly recommend "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living"

  3. ramid3

    Well, I'm describing that as an effect of high carbs. Like, downing a big bowl of pasta of white rice. Which I normally don't do. I'd be going more moderate carbs 200g/day max if I were dieting in a way to include them.
    But I'm wondering if my poor insulin resistance- as indicated by how I feel when going high carb- means I'd lose fat faster with fewer carbs. So many nutritionists- including ketogenic dieters right here on reddit- say there is no real 'fat loss advantage' to going low carb outside of the fact that your appetite is more suppressed and cravings reduced on account of the fat and protein.

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