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Diabetic Ketoacidosis And Patho

pathophysiology ketogenesis due to insulin deficiency leads to increased serum levels of ketones anad ketonuria acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate; ketone bodies produced by the liver, organic acids that cause metabolic acidosis respiration partially compensates; reduces pCO2, when pH < 7.2, deep rapid respirations (Kussmaul breathing) acetone; minor product of ketogenesis, can smell fruity on breath of ketoacidosis patients elevated anion gap Methanol intoxication Uremic acidosis Diabetic ketoacidosis Paraldehyde ingestions Intoxicants (salicyclate, ethylene glycol, nipride, epinephrine, norepinephrine) Lactic acidosis (drug induced; didanosine, iron, isoniazid, metformin, zidovudine) Ethanol ketoacidosis Severe renal failure starvation Blood glucose regulation (6) 1. When blood glucose levels rise above a set point, 2. the pancreas secretes insulin into the blood. 3. Insulin stimulates liver and muscle cells to make glycogen, dropping blood glucose levels. 4. When glucose levels drop below a set point, 5. the pancreas secretes glucagon into the blood. 6. Glucagon promotes the breakdown of glycogen and the release of glucose into the blood. (The pancreas signals distant cells to r Continue reading >>

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  1. Lopert

    Hi There
    New to this so apologies if there is a more dedicated thread.
    I do not have diabetes, but I am on a ketogenic diet as I am quite obese and this seems to be a good way of life for me.
    I had my cholesterol and blood glucose levels checked today after being on a LCHF diet for 3 months. Cholesterol was 4.99mmol and glucose level was 1.3mmol. From my reading, 1.3mmol is very low on a "normal diet", and indicates hypoglycemia, but is this to be expected on a keto diet?
    A bit in the woods and just want to ensure I am not doing something harmful.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Element137

    1.3mmol is very low, I would suggest you get that checked out - even on LC your liver should ensure you don't go that low, assuming of course you are getting appropriate nutrition to ensure that your liver can produce glucose - get it checked.

  3. azure

    Hi @Lopert 1.3mmol is an extremely low glucose level. That surprises me as you'd be feeling very rough at that level.

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