Importance Of Water In Ketosis

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The Ketogenic Diet: Maximum Fat Burning

Diets come and diets go. Sometimes it seems the only thing that sticks around is the fat. Most of America bases diet choice on the popular media, which is constantly seeking the "next revolution" in dieting to grab the attention of shoppers standing in checkout lines, usually next to the candy and snacks. The seasonal change in "ultimate dieting tips" is bewildering enough without further confusion created by the arguments among scientific experts or the yo-yo appearance of celebrity endorsers. For many years, the most commonly practiced diets focused on cutting out dietary fat, often eliminating many protein sources as well. Based in part upon the food pyramid, carbohydrates were the mainstay of the diets. Success with these low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets were variable, with some losing fat, others actually gaining. Forbidden Fruit Recently, another strategy in dieting has come back into vogue.1,2 Completely contrary to the recommendations of the diet plans of ‘70s and ‘80s, many diet plans now promote avoiding carbohydrates almost entirely. These diets are collectively referred to as "ketogenic diets." While there are some differences in the many plans (Atkins, Protein Powe Continue reading >>

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  1. nopersonalinfohere

    I've read the FAQ, I've visited multiple websites, I know water is important, but why? I've noticed that I'm significantly more thirsty since I started keto. What's the biological need for a higher water intake?

  2. BlueDressSaturday

    Because while in ketosis, you've rid your muscles of glycogen which holds on to water. Without it, your body stops retaining water the way it used to. On keto, you HAVE to drink much more water than others to avoid dehydration, especially in the summer when dehydration can be catastrophic.

  3. Belle_2222

    Thanks for posting this!

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