Importance Of Water In Ketosis

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The Role Of Salt In A Ketogenic-diet. ‘keto-flu’ Explained!

I was keen to understand why all the low-carb diet resources tell you to eat more salt. I therefore decided to look into this in greater detail. The problem I encountered was that nothing actually states the reasoning behind it; sources merely allude to the requirements, then make recommendations on how to achieve them. What I was keen to understand in particular, is the role of insulin in causing the kidneys to retain salt. The below is what I’ve managed to piece together. As always, I must state that I have no medical or dietary training; all I can do is try and present the results of my own reading in as clear and jargon-free way as possible. If readers’ comments can help guide my understanding, then all feedback will be gratefully received! So here goes… Salt! When you switch over to a ketogenic diet, you’re effectively changing the way your body creates and burns energy. On a glucose-based metabolism, the energy-form ‘glycogen’ is produced in the liver. This energy is water-soluble and transported around the body in your blood. The blood-stream is therefore our ‘road-network’ for distributing energy to all the cells and muscles that need it. Glycogen is also st Continue reading >>

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  1. nopersonalinfohere

    I've read the FAQ, I've visited multiple websites, I know water is important, but why? I've noticed that I'm significantly more thirsty since I started keto. What's the biological need for a higher water intake?

  2. BlueDressSaturday

    Because while in ketosis, you've rid your muscles of glycogen which holds on to water. Without it, your body stops retaining water the way it used to. On keto, you HAVE to drink much more water than others to avoid dehydration, especially in the summer when dehydration can be catastrophic.

  3. Belle_2222

    Thanks for posting this!

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