Icd 10 Code For Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Uncontrolled

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Code List: Res30: Diabetes Mellitus

Research article: Renin-angiotensin system blockade and risk of acute kidney injury: a population-based cohort study Reference: Kathryn E Mansfield, Dorothea Nitsch, Liam Smeeth, Krishnan Bhaskaran, Laurie A Tomlinson(2015) Renin-angiotensin system blockade and risk of acute kidney injury: a population-based cohort study. Submitted, doi: Link to article Abstract Objective: To investigate whether there is an association between use of ACE inhibitors (ACEI) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB), and risk of acute kidney injury (AKI). Design: A time-updated, new-user cohort study among people initiating common antihypertensives (ACEI/ARB, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers and thiazide diuretics) in primary care between April 1997 and March 2014. Participants: Adults initiating antihypertensive drug treatment, with at least one year of registration prior to first prescription, identified from UK primary care practices contributing to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink and eligible for linkage to hospital records data from the Hospital Episode Statistics database. Main outcome measures: Incidence rate ratio (RR) for first episode of AKI during time exposed to ACEI/ARB compa Continue reading >>

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  1. Timothy

    I recently told my friend, a professor of medicine at a large university, about my six-week-old PB eating habits (now largely carnivorous). He advised me that it's not good to keep your body "carb-starved" and in ketosis all the time, and that eating so much protein strains the liver's ability to produce urea and the kidneys' ability to process and excrete it. The long-term effects can include liver and kidney damage, he said.
    I've heard something like this before, but it seems to run counter to the research on MDA as well as the experiences of real-life carnivores.
    Do you know anyone who has sustained kidney/liver damage from eating too much protein? Is Tarlach on course for renal failure? Or is this just CW run amok again?

  2. Athena

    Ive heard it from bodybuilders who eat ungodly amounts of protein (mostly from powders) that they have kidney problems. I always heard as long as you keep hydrated your kidneys shouldnt have an issue, especially if u get your protein from meat sources. Although I can't back that up with anything other than broscience. Im interested to see some evidence though

  3. Prowler

    Absolute bull.
    1. What is the incidence of liver or kidney damage among the Inuit practicing their traditional diet?
    2. What is the incidence of liver or kidney damage among the Masai practicing their traditional diet?
    3. The venerable Dr. Atkins himself used ketosis to treat thousands of patients at his clinic over the course of several decades, and he challenged anyone to show one case where ketosis caused kidney damage. Not one case has ever been documented.
    Case closed. Ketosis is a safe and natural state, and any speculation about potential harm is just that: pure unfounded speculation.

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