Icd 10 Code For Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis

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Acidosis, Leukopenia, Levamisole: Causes & Diagnoses | Symptoma.com

The acute neonatal phenotype usually presents within the first 2 weeks of life with poor feeding, vomiting, decreased levels of consciousness, seizures, acidosis and hyperammonemia [genedx.com] [] glucose disturbances, hyperammonemia, hypocalcemia, and nonanion gap metabolic acidosis. [journals.lww.com] 2016 2017 2018 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Acidosis NOS Lactic acidosis Metabolic acidosis Respiratory acidosis Type 1 Excludes diabetic acidosis - see categories [icd10data.com] Acidosis 270.3 Disturbances of branched-chain amino-acid metabolism, Disturbances of metabolism of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, Hypervalinemia Intermittent branched-chain [genedx.com] [] decompensation with metabolic acidosis and brain injury during periods of catabolism. [journals.lww.com] 2016 2017 2018 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Acidosis NOS Lactic acidosis Metabolic acidosis Respiratory acidosis Type 1 Excludes diabetic acidosis - see categories [icd10data.com] The primary concern for the anesthesiologist is to avoid events that precipitate metabolic acidosis. [journals.lww.com] Acidosis 277.8 Other specified disorders of metabolism References Desviat et al., (2009) Mol Genet Met Continue reading >>

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  1. One of our CDI noted an elevated lactic acid and queried the physician for a diagnosis. The patient did not have Sepsis. Our physician advisor said not to do that because the next lactic acid was normal. She said we should also be looking for the underlying cause of the lactic acidosis and not querying for the diagnosis. A diagnosis of lactic acidosis will give us a CC. Other CDI's have said that if the elevated lactic acid was treated, monitored or evaluated we should be querying for the diagnosis. Does anyone have any direction on how this should be handled?
    Is lactic acidosis always inherent in other conditions and that's what we should focus on?
    What can we pick up the diagnosis by itself as a CC / when should we query to get to documented in the chart?
    Are there any other clinical parameters we should be looking at when evaluating whether we should query such as the anion gap?
    Is there a specific treatment for metabolic acidosis?
    Thank you,
    Christine Butka RN MSN
    CDI Lead
    CentraState Medical Center
    Freehold, NJ

  2. What a timely comment. Recently, our coding auditor suggested that we should always keep an eye out for the cc "acidosis". It seems to me that lactic acidosis could be inherent to the disease process of sepsis and therefore should not be captured. Any thoughts?
    Yvonne B RN CDI Salinas, CA.

  3. Hello all! I agree, I believe lactic acidosis is inherent to sepsis. It is one of the most important indicators that gives the clnician a clue that sepsis may be present. Our fluid administration policy was actually developed on the lactic acid result: the higher the number, the more fluid we bolused (in non-CHF patients, of course). In cases were Sepsis is determined not to be present, we will query the provider, providing they treated or monitored the acidosis in some manner

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