How To Reduce Ketoacidosis

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Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

What is alcoholic ketoacidosis? Cells need glucose (sugar) and insulin to function properly. Glucose comes from the food you eat, and insulin is produced by the pancreas. When you drink alcohol, your pancreas may stop producing insulin for a short time. Without insulin, your cells won’t be able to use the glucose you consume for energy. To get the energy you need, your body will start to burn fat. When your body burns fat for energy, byproducts known as ketone bodies are produced. If your body is not producing insulin, ketone bodies will begin to build up in your bloodstream. This buildup of ketones can produce a life-threatening condition known as ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis, or metabolic acidosis, occurs when you ingest something that is metabolized or turned into an acid. This condition has a number of causes, including: shock kidney disease abnormal metabolism In addition to general ketoacidosis, there are several specific types. These types include: alcoholic ketoacidosis, which is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which mostly develops in people with type 1 diabetes starvation ketoacidosis, which occurs most often in women who are pregna Continue reading >>

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  1. madeitX2

    Hi Ladies,
    I have been looking to buy some and only can find a pack of 100.....Anyone buy less and where?
    Thank you ~ Angela
    Hoping for an UC baby #3 and two previous HB w/ MW.....

  2. Jenlaana

    I could only find 100 strips too with the suppliers I used last time.

  3. Spark

    Oooh, oooh, I'd go to CVS or RiteAid and they have them there. Just ask someone. I don't even think they're behind the counter. Mine were found down the diet aisle.
    Why are you feeling drawn to use them though? (I used mine during the first trimester when I wanted to make sure I wasn't starving myself too badly... turned out I was dropping keytones like crazy & ended up in the hospital for quite a stay. I still had a beautiful unhindered birth after my due date though. )

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