How To Prevent Ketosis In Dairy Cows

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Prevent Milk Fever, Ketosis In Cows

NAIROBI: A significant number of farmers has incurred huge losses from treatments, loss of milk and even death of high yielding cows from milk fever and Ketosis. This has created fear of keeping high producing cows. This disease is our focus today: Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia): Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia) refers to life threateningly low levels of calcium in the cow’s blood. It can occur 24 hours before calving but mostly within 48 to 72 hours after calving, mostly in high yielding cows. Older cows are more susceptible because they produce more milk. This is because milk contains a lot of calcium (about 1.220 g per kg). If the cow produces 20 kg of milk in one day it will suddenly require to put about 24gm of calcium into all of this milk. If the calcium from the diet and that being mobilised from the bones is not enough for transfer to the milk this will result in a severe drop of calcium in the blood leading to hypocalcaemia. Milk fever is also associated with cows that are too fat at calving. Milk fever or low calcium in the blood (hypocalcaemia) manifests as tremors and unsteadiness. Eventually the cow sits down with a kink in the neck and is unable to rise. It will become const Continue reading >>

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  1. everything red

    had the vet out today with a 2nd calver,calved about 2wks with a case of ketosis,the vet went on to tell me about a bolus that they had only started to supply called kextone,he didn't know a lot about it because anyone that has used it hasn't had anything calved yet or long enough to know,what he did say on the down side was that it can blow up a big calf, the cost is £30 and you give it 4wks before calving,has anyone used such a thing,TIA

  2. beefyfarmer

    It's actually a legal Monensin (Rumensin) bolus. My vet says they work very well. He has several farmers dosing every cow -though not to sure whether it's just for ketosis They cost about £30 and the cow gives an extra £60 worth of milk. Perhaps I'm just being cynical but no doubt they will find a "medical" reason to give it to beef cattle before long.

  3. james.taylor

    My vet gave me one in the spring to use on a young bull that was suffering badly from recurring bloat on grass. I wanted to use him for breeding so wasnt keen on a dart.
    It worked very well and very quickly

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