How To Get Rid Of Ketones In Urine During Pregnancy

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Aldehydes And Ketones Reactions

6 Reactions of aldehydes and ketones with water to produce hydrates Experimentt: Al dehyde and Ketone Reactions Aldehydes and ketones are an important class of compounds in organic chemistry. The importance of molecular structure in the reactivity of organic compounds is illustrated by the reactions that produce aldehydes and ketones. Carbonyl Condensation Reactions As a result of the large dipole of the carbonyl group: Nucleophilic carbonyl: aldehydes, ketones, esters, amides and Chapter 14 Aldehydes and Ketones • This makes low molecular weight aldehydes and ketones ALDEHYDE AND KETONE REACTIONS Oxidation and reduction of aldehydes and ketones • Aldehydes can be oxidized easily to carboxylic acids Reactions of aldehydes and ketones with alcohols This reaction is used as a simple test to distinguish aldehydes from ketones REACTIONS OF ALDEHYDES TASK Write balanced equations for the following reactions. In a similar reaction alcohols add reversibly to aldehydes and ketones to form hemiacetals (hemi, Greek, half). . 2 Nomenclature 20. Read more. The aldehyde serves as the dienophile . This two step reaction starts with the nucleophilic attack of the Phosphorus on the (usually pr Continue reading >>

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  1. needtolose4me2

    since last week when I messed up and had some ad carbs one day, I basically started over Tuesday. I was really good all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday night I used a ketosis stick and it came up "trace". is that normal?should it take longer to get into ketosis? I was doing good the first 3 weeks (however not measuring my ketone levels) then all of a sudden I gained 2 pounds at which point I got aggrivated and screwed up for one day. the next day I got right back in the groove. I know my carbs are low, Ihaven't gotten on a scale,but this trace amount of keytones is concerning me. DO you think I should do some kind of fast (could onl really stomach the macadamia nut one) or wait it out a bit longer?

  2. JerseyGyrl

    I would not be too concerned about the Ketosis Stix....they have been known to not be accurate. If you are drinking a lot of water (as you should be) or eating a lot of fat & protein, they can give you false readings.
    Eating something you shouldn't, can definately knock you out of ketosis. Getting back into ketosis can vary depending on the person.
    As far as "fasts" are concerned, personally, I woudn't consider a fast unless I was in a very serious stall (not losing lbs OR inches). My best advice to you is to do a clean induction (only real foods..meat,eggs,cheese, veggies, etc) and be patient. Sometimes we get so anxious to lose the unwanted pounds we forget that we didn't gain them overnite & we aren't going to lose them overnite.
    All the best to you,

  3. Tiffany_Bracelet

    For me, it depends on the amount of water and foods that I consume. Ketosis makes my mouth really dry....so I don't go into a deep ketosis like I have before with the meat/egg fast.

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