How To Get Ketones Out Of Your Urine

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Ketones And Exercise – What You Need To Know

A researcher on diabetes and exercise describes why exercise elevates risk of DKA for people with Type 1 diabetes. In a new set of guidelines for Type 1 diabetes and exercise, I and my fellow researchers warn that people with Type 1 diabetes need to monitor for elevated levels of ketones during exercise. If you have Type 1 and exercise regularly, testing for ketones could save your life. Ketones develop in our bodies when we mobilize fat as fuel. Fat is an important energy source that is used by the body at rest and during exercise. Ketones are a general term in medicine used to describe the three main ketone bodies that the liver produces – acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone. Read “Too Many with Type 1 Don’t Test for Ketones.” sponsor Ketone bodies help fuel the brain and skeletal muscle during times of prolonged fasting or starvation, so in a way ketones are very important for survival. We actually have enough stored fat to generate energy for days, but this can cause a number of metabolic problems, the most important of which is ketoacidosis. In Type 1 diabetes, ketone levels can rise even without starvation, if insulin levels drop too much and levels of oth Continue reading >>

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  1. hkcool

    Got a quick call today from my doctor since I had a routine physical and got bloodwork and urine tests done.
    He said everything was normal except for really low vitamin D levels and oddly enough, ketones in my urine. He explained that typically it's a sign of uncontrolled diabetes but my blood sugar is fine. He ordered an a1c done at the time that I got all of my bloodwork done just to be thorough. I don't have the results in front of me but I could request a hard copy of them. Anyway, he assured me that I'm not diabetic.
    I'm a 20 y/o college student.
    Is ketones in the urine a precursor to diabetes? I did read that fasting or starvation can lead to temporary high ketone levels. As a full-time college student, let's just say that my sleeping schedule is rather...irregular. I had to fast for the blood test that morning so my last meal was dinner that evening. I didn't sleep until 7 am that morning and my appointment was at 9 am, so...yeah...
    The doctor said the next step would be a 24 hr urine test since they double-checked my results to make sure I actually had ketones in my urine and I did. But he also said there's no rush at all. I can't get the test till I'm actually back home so I'm just wondering now what it could be

  2. labrat

    Did you know the volume of ketones in your urine? Was it slight or high?
    Slight to moderate ketones can occur with exercise. Did you work out or do some strenuous physical activity before your appointment?
    People on low carbohydrate diets go into ketosis (usually preferably). These are things to consider if your testing does rule out Diabetes.
    Plus, this was a one time test. Without other symptoms or clinical presentations to preclude a diagnosis, it may be easier to simply repeat a urine sample next time, too. Shouldn't need to be a fasting sample, either.

  3. sweetthing

    Most likely caused by dehydration. Young people often do not get enough to drink. I would just make sure you have lots of water before your next test. You said you had been fasting since supper the night before? If you were a bit dry then and didn't drink anything, you could very easily have been dehydrated.

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