How To Get Into Ketosis In One Day

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5 Tips To Get Into Ketosis Faster

I've put off writing this post for one reason only. While I've remained low carb at about 100g per day and reaped the benefits of being fat adapted (controlled fasting blood glucose, effortless weight management and hunger control) I'm not currently in ketosis for more than a day at a time and haven't been for several months now. So that leaves me feeling very do as I say, not as I do as I write this, and that doesn't feel very genuine on my part. However, as I'm developing the itch to go at it again like I did in the Fall of last year, I'm hoping that this will motivate me to jump back on the Keto wagon to help me lose about 10lbs. I find that staying low carb at around 100g per day allows me to maintain my weight, but in order to lose, being in ketosis and tracking my caloric intake works best. I will preface this blog post with a little disclaimer, however. These are my opinions and suggestions based on observations I've experienced myself. There's some controversy over things like #2 and #5 and I chose to save those pros and cons for another day when we can really dive into facts, studies, etc. For now, I decided to keep it simple and to the point. So take my suggestions and de Continue reading >>

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  1. Becky

    Hi all
    I'm struggling to hit ketosis. I bought ketostick but seem to be struggling to hit a purple ?
    I'm one day 3 and expected to see a change.
    I have been having eggs and bacon for breakfast
    Chicken, cheese and a cup of salad for lunch
    Prawns and egg plants (aubergines) for tea
    What am I doing wrong? ?
    thanks in advance x

  2. CHRIS

    Nothing at all Becky! Give it a few more days. Ketostix are not madly accurate-but for your own peace of mind-wet one with water-then ahem wet another with your number one (!)-wait 15 secs-compare side by side. I'll bet you a tenner you WILL see it darker. Doesn't have to be urber purple. Don't let me or anyone tell you what veg to eat but high fibre veg like boroccoli or cauliflower (try it as mash-delish) seemed to help me into ketosis-& it ahem helps with the ...number 2's....(!)

  3. Victoria

    Becky, your food looks light on fat to me. Prawns are virtually fat free and packed with protein, you really need the opposite!

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