How To Break A Water Fast And Stay In Ketosis

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What Coffee & Caffeine Do To You When Fasting

This “light snack” from Azerbaijan might be just the ticket for a person coming off of a fast for medical, physical, religious or political reasons. (Wikimedia Commons photo/Emin Bashirov) Caffeine and fasting are controversial in some circles. Is it truly fasting if you have coffee or other liquids during your time of abstaining from eating? Some people say to be a pure fast, one must drink only water and eat nothing. Others maintain that having coffee and/or other liquids is healthier and ensures you don’t become dehydrated. In an article on Mercola.com by Steve Kamb, he says it’s OK to drink any zero-calorie beverages during an intermittent fasting routine. “Zero-calorie beverages are okay,” he writes. “As previously stated, I drink green tea in the morning for my caffeine kick while writing. If you want to drink water, black coffee, or tea during your fasting period, that’s okay. Remember, don’t overthink it – keep things simple! Track your results, listen to your body.” Ancient practice People fast for various reasons, including religious, physical or medical ones. You’ve heard of the Hippocratic Oath that requires medical practitioners to act ethically Continue reading >>

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  1. rjegreve11

    Hi, I am currently on a water fast (including 0 calorie vitamin waters) because i have an event coming up this Friday night where I will be seeing people I haven't seen in a while, so I wanted to lose as much weight/fat as possible before then. I've been on the fast since Sunday night, so almost 72 hours. The problem is, I have a party on Saturday night and I want to be able to eat some carbs such as popcorn, and I don't know how I should go about breaking the fast in order to be able to do that...I have fasted before so I know you have to start off slow with easy to digest foods. But all of the foods suggested seem to be fruit related, and those have carbs which would kick me out of ketosis. I am in a high level of ketosis right now according to the test strips, and I don't want that to stop yet. So are there any foods I can eat today that are low calorie, very low carb, and easy enough to digest? Would egg whites be ok or would the dairy be irritating/dangerous to digest? I know it is not suggested to have dairy right away after fasting but that seems to be mostly for longer fasts so would it be ok for me? Or are there any vegetables I can eat that would keep me in ketosis? Also, if you think my fast was short enough that breaking the fast isnt required today if I want to eat carbs on Saturday, please let me know when the is the best time to break it instead (tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday) and what foods I should eat then, etc. Thank you for all suggestions and I'm sorry if this was a confusing question, I'm just very desperate to lose as much as possible by Friday, and now Saturday is an obstacle in my way. Please help!

  2. Robotponysaurus

    This entire concept it ridiculous. But I would mainly like to point out that there is no dairy in egg whites.
    Please go see a doctor or something

  3. cingle87

    Yeah this sound like a stupid idea, water fast?

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