How To Achieve Ketosis

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The Easiest Way To Get Into Ketosis

For some people, Keto can be something mystical and always out of their reach. Indeed, it’s difficult to establish a state of nutritional ketosis, but everyone can do it by using the easiest way to get into ketosis. Getting into ketosis requires these conditions to be met. Liver glycogen stores (100-150 grams of glucose) have been depleted and the liver starts converting fatty acids into ketone bodies. This takes approximately 16 hours or so. The concentration of serum blood ketone levels is above 0.5 mMols, optimally not higher than 3.0 mMols. Blood sugar and circulating insulin have dropped significantly, while not causing a hypoglycemic response. You can accomplish it with two things: Fast for an extended period of time Restrict your carbohydrate intake to close to zero for a few weeks Both of them are almost identical – fasting induces ketosis, and the ketogenic diet mimics the physiology of fasting to a great degree. There’s not much difference between fasting ketosis and nutritional ketosis. The only distinction is what physiological state your body is in, but they still have a few unique traits. Fasting Ketosis – You haven’t consumed any calories for 24+ hours and Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Lawrencepa

    So I haven't actually started my keto yet. It will start when I get my shopping and I've already compiled a list. I've calculated how many carbs I'll roughly be having and it will be roughly in the 40g mark. My questions are a. Is that enough to reach ketosis? And b. Even if I don't reach ketosis with that level of carb will I easily lose weight? Thanks in advance

  2. Freema

    some lose weight only when being low in carbs, and not nessesarily in ketosis, I think it differs from one person to the other how low one must go to get into ketosis

  3. Robbity

    If you want to guarantee that you get into ketosis try cutting right down to a maximum of 20-25g carbs total for a couple of weeks.
    But you may well be able to lose weight on your 40g carbs anyway - you'll have to try it and see as "no one size fits all". You don't have to be in ketosis to lose weight, and you may not necessarily lose weight when you're in ketosis.
    Either way you should start to see an improvement in your glucose levels though.
    Use Google to find one of the low carb/keto nutritional calculators which can help you find the best ratios of carbs/protein/fats for your particular situation . Basically when you've gone low enough carb to switch your body over to fat burning mode (keto/fat adapted), to lose wieght you also need to be eating somewhat less fat than you need for energy, so that you use your body fats instead of dietary ones.

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