How Much Protein On Keto Bodybuilding

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The Keto Diet: Bodybuilding Vs Fat Burning

The keto or ketogenic diet has become all the rage in the fitness and bodybuilding community. Many have viewed the as a godsend, a tool that can help an individual burn fight while maintaining a musculature physique. But not every keto program is the same. Some ketogenic programs are geared to individuals looking simply to lose weight while others are designed for those looking to gain muscle and lose fat all at once. Weight Loss Keto Keto for weight loss will focus on a specific balance of fats and protein. Fat loss keto will see an individual eating higher amounts of fat while keeping their protein intake lowered. This ensures that energy is being obtain through consuming fats which will put your body into the fat burning mode of ketosis. Bodybuilding Keto Once again much like the weight loss program of keto, you’ll see your carb intake lowered, focusing primarily on fats and protein. But rather than consuming more fats over protein the process is flipped. You’ll still eat the fats in order to use the nutrient as an energy source, but this time the increased protein will promote more muscle growth. This is exactly the kind of keto that a bodybuilder should follow if their loo Continue reading >>

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  1. steviekm3

    too much protein on keto diet ?

    Is it possible to eat too much protein on a keto diet - enough to kick you out of ketosis and enough to prevent glycogen depletion ?

  2. Smithy_206

    good question.. i would be interested in finding out the answer myself..

  3. GBA

    Yep, it's more than 'possible'. 1g/lb-lbm is probably enough.

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