How Much Potassium On Keto

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Top 3 Mineral Deficiencies On A Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet is well known for its ability to produce weight loss. It does so through the process of ketosis which helps your body burn fat for energy instead of carbs. But it’s not without its potential downside. With low-carb diets or keto in particular, you often cut down on a lot of food groups and types in order to lose weight which means that you're not only cutting out the bad part but you're also taking out some of the good parts. And, with a shortage of vitamins and minerals, your body in return will feel the effects from it. These effects can make you feel sluggish or tired, and that can be a drag. But there’s good news! Yes, heave a sigh because, with proper planning and awareness, you can avoid these deficiencies of micronutrients and mineral imbalances or fix them accordingly if they do occur. You can achieve this by taking supplements (see our list of favorites) and eating the right foods that will help you achieve a balanced, healthy intake of nutrients while on the ketogenic diet. Here’s everything you need to know about the micronutrients, and mineral deficiencies you are more likely to experience while following a keto diet: Of course, it can be difficult t Continue reading >>

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  1. TommyWoodland

    Optimal health calls for around 4700mg of potassium per day. The average American may hit half of this, while those on a LCHF diet likely struggle to cross 3000mg even when mindful. Some theorize that most cases of hypertension may actually be due to a potassium deficiency (along with Mg, Ca, and possibly vitamin D, vitamin K2) as opposed to sodium surplus.
    It is very difficult to hit this potassium goal on a ketogenic diet. As I crunch numbers I'm seeing it's next to impossible. For those who track their intake, how are you hitting your potassium goals? I can approach 4700 with the addition of cold potatoes (a resistance starch; 1600mg K, at ~50 net carbs) and lentil beans (~ 700 mg at ~20 net carbs). (Spinach, almonds, eggs, meats, and avocados provide the remainder). While I could remain below 100g carbs a day without a problem, I would likely no longer achieve ketosis, even with the daily intermittent fasting and resistance training. Any thoughts?
    For what it's worth, I was hardcore keto for about 2 years but ventured into more of TKD (targeted ketogenic) approach when I noticed my workouts suffering along with the cold hands/feet and sleep problems. That said, not sure if I have really been in ketosis during this period since I have not measured blood ketone levels.

  2. artketolay

    Avocado, kale and spinach are my 3 main sources of 'fruit and veg'. Plenty of potassium in all 3.

  3. a_complete_cock

    Nah, 37 cups of coffee seems more achievable.

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