How Long Ketosis Bad Breath Last

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How To Get Rid Of Ketosis Breath

Keto is one of the best ways to lose weight and get healthy. It’s attributed to everything from weight loss to curing MS and autism. Yet keto can also have some pretty intense side effects. What many people call the keto flu might start to set in within the first few hours to days. Headaches, muscle aches and nausea can all accompany this diet. The good thing is that’s how you know it’s working. One of the most unusual side effects can be bad breath. Your oral hygiene is perfectly fine, but you still find yourself getting strange looks from coworkers. You might even be able to notice the smell yourself. What Causes Ketosis Breath? This side effect is caused by the excess influx of protein. When your body doesn’t get very many carbs it can’t use glucose as a form of energy. Instead, it turns to stored fat in your body for this energy. Your body starts releasing ketones when this energy is utilized. Unfortunately, ketones don’t have a great smell when they’re released from your body. Your bad breath is simply your body letting go of these excess ketones. Many people notice their bad breath goes away after a few weeks, but an unfortunate few never see a change. Find out Continue reading >>

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  1. boobear

    Hi everyone, I've done keto/low carb on/off last few years. Got really keto serious three weeks ago. On the whole last week my husband pretty much wanted to puke every time I spoke near him as he said my breath was soooo bad. I drink tons of water, chew gum etc. It was making me so self conscious that I went off the next day. It's been two days off and Breath is better but I really hate the way I feel eating carbs. Is there any tips for the keto breath, will it pass, and if so after how long??? It is literally the only thing that stops me from going back! Thanks in advance!

  2. Jessica

    They say that burning fat can cause bad breath due to chemicals released in the process. It's metabolic and not hygiene related. It doesn't usually last forever! Don't let it discourage you! Keep drinking lots of water

  3. boobear

    I'm trying really hard not too! I'm going to get back on tomorrow and keep ketoing but I hate being paranoid about my breath :(.

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