How Long Does Ketosis Breath Last

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Ketosis Bad Breath Remedy For Dry Mouth

Individuals following a ketogenic or low carb diet often see significant results. However, there are often various side effects. One of the most common side effects is what some call “keto breath” or diet bad breath. With little or no carbs, ketosis dry mouth is common. Few know that a prolonged dry mouth, however, can cause lasting damage to your teeth and gums. Although it is expected as normal with this way of eating, it should always be taken seriously. Keto Breath – Why does it Happen? Keto breath is a term used to describe intensely bad breath that occurs in individuals who are using a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet. This stimulates the ketosis process within the body. Ketosis is a specific metabolic state in which the number of ketones present in the body’s tissues is higher than what is considered normal. Low carb dieters believe ketosis is the ideal state because it encourages the body to burn stored fat. Ketones, especially acetone, a specific form of ketone, are excreted by the breath and through urine. Keto breath often creates a fruit-like smell that is particularly strong. It is not only possible to smell it, but also to taste it. A metallic, dry-mouth fee Continue reading >>

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  1. jennycat

    I followed the Dukan diet for a few months and never got ketone breath. I started this diet last Mon with no problems, 2nd fast day on Weds also passed by with no problems, On the Thursday I went to circuit training and on Friday my non-fast day I was getting horrible breath smell whenever I sniffed! Today is my 3rd fast day and I went to circuits at 9:30, I ate nothing until 4:30 and only after that got the ketone breath Any hints welcome. I haven’t really got more than a few pounds to lose but am following this diet to try and stay the same weight

  2. testytoast

    I’ve noticed it everyone once in a while too – I can’t figure out what triggers it. I was guessing that it was caused by not enough carbs maybe? (I am really just grasping at straws here, have no idea.)

  3. Jade_Z

    I read once that bad breath can be caused by hunger (also bad diet) – something to do with the stomach acids. I bet it stops after a while though, and I bet it is helped by drinking more.

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