How Long Does It Take To Get Over The Keto Flu?

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The Dreaded Keto Flu

For all the excellent benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle, getting there can be a physically rough road. The primary reason for this is what is known as the “keto flu”. Almost everyone who has changed their life to the healthy ketogenic lifestyle has had to deal with the keto flu, and some have had a worse deal than others. Background The keto flu is the common name for the induction phase of ketogenesis. That means it’s the period of time when your body is getting used to the changes you have made to what you eat. When you change what you eat, you change everything about how your body operates and functions. Inside your gut (where close to 70% of your immune system lives) are billions of bacteria, and they are all battling for dominance. If your diet consists of highly refined carbs, the types of bacteria that thrive in your gut (e. coli, h. pylori, candida a, etc.) will be inflammatory and detrimental to your immune system. By changing your diet to be high in fat, those same bacteria die off rapidly, because they don’t have their preferred energy source. This massive bacteria death has consequences. These consequences are typically: Diarrhea Headaches Nausea Lack of menta Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Lindseyroy34

    I’m starting my 4th work on the keto diet. I’m down 13 pounds. I’m feeling really tired though. I’m taking electrolytes and supplements. Is it normal to still be tired? I’m worried it will never go away.

  2. MooBoom

    I had it for 2 weeks, full on the first week then easing off. Feel absolutely indestructible now though and so glad I stuck it out. You will be too

  3. Peter

    I was tired for longer and had to go to bed early which helped a lot. But now I get less sleep than ever but no bad effects

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