How Long Does It Take To Get Ketoacidosis?

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis (dka)

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a condition that results from when the body is deprived of the ability to use glucose as an energy source. Usually this is due to a lack of insulin. Insulin is used to uptake glucose into the cells to be used for energy. If there is no insulin or the cells are resistant to insulin, the blood sugar levels increase to dangerous levels for the patient. It seems counter intuitive that the patient wouldn't have energy with such high levels of glucose, but this glucose is essentially unusable without insulin. Because your body needs energy to survive, it starts turning to alternative fuel sources (fat). Fat cells start breaking down and, as a result, release ketones (which are acidic) into the bloodstream. Hence the name: diabetic ketoacidosis. “High levels of ketones can poison the body. When levels get too high, you can develop DKA. DKA may happen to anyone with diabetes, though it is rare in people with type 2. Treatment for DKA usually takes place in the hospital. But you can help prevent it by learning the warning signs and checking your urine and blood regularly.” Causes The most common causes of DKA are not getting enough insulin, having a severe infec Continue reading >>

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  1. TKInstinct

    I got out of the hospital yesterday, I had food poisoning and got admitted for Ketoacidosis. I feel a lot better now but, I'm in a little discomfort. My stomachs bothers me somewhat after I've eaten and I'm a little uneasy when I'm walking. I was in bed for a day and a half so I'm sure I'm just weak. But, did you recover right away or, did you take a day or two?

  2. hide

    Every time I'm in the hospital for DKA, I start to feel better around day 3. They never let me leave until day 5-7 though. :| So glad the last few times they've had wifi to watch Netflix on.


    3 days from start of IV fluids. When you get home, try to drink water instead of your usual fluids for a day or so. I find it helps get me back on track faster. Also, keep an eye on your BG a bit tighter for a few days after. The whole DKA resolution treatment and IV fluids can alter the way your BG floats (in some interesting ways) until you get back into your normal groove/routine.

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