How Long Does It Take For Ketones To Go Down

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Five Things To Know About Ketones

If you live with diabetes, you have probably heard that ketones are something to watch out for. That they have something to do with the dreaded diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). But do you really understand what ketones are and why they happen? It’s scary to think about, sure. But it’s also very important to be in the know about ketones and to be prepared. 1) What are ketones? If there isn’t enough insulin in your system, you can’t turn glucose into energy. So your body starts breaking down body fat. Ketones are a chemical by-product of this process. This can occur when people with type 1 diabetes don’t take insulin for long periods of time, when insulin pumps fail to deliver insulin and the wearer does not monitor blood glucose, or during serious illness (in type 1 or type 2) when insulin doses are missed or not increased appropriately for the stress of illness. Ketones can happen to anyone with diabetes, but the condition is more common in people with type 1. 2) Why are ketones dangerous? Ketones upset the chemical balance of your blood and, if left untreated, can poison the body. Your body cannot tolerate large amounts of ketones and will try to get rid of them through the Continue reading >>

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  1. Nitrogenica

    Sometimes I go a little over my limit, and sometimes I'm toeing the line and I'm not sure whether I'm over or not (because some foods here list net carbs, and some list total carbs, so it's not always accurate to subtract the dietary fibre in MFP to tell if I'm in the right window). I am still in my first month of keto, and as such I've been using ketostix to gauge how I'm going. I've only been out of ketosis once during the tests, and I want to know roughly how long it takes for the ketones to leave your system after the food event/s that put you back onto burning carbs. I also really want to test the Atkins bars I bought to see if I'm someone who gets kicked off by eating sugar alcohols, but I don't know how long to wait before I test.
    Sorry if this is unanswerable! I did check google but could only come up with diabetes resources.

  2. Steely7s

    It's different for everyone. After a month of solid keto you should be keto-adapted, this means your body will be using most if not all of the ketones it's producing for fuel, therefore none of them will be expelled from the body and ketostix will read negative.
    There's no need to test everyday or even every week, once you're in ketosis, unless you eat too many carbs (you'll know how many that is) you should stay there. I started keto in April, I've had 2 cheat days where I've eaten enough that I know I will fall out of ketosis, I've never tested myself with ketostix, I don't get keto-flu but I get other symptoms and I know I'm back in ketosis. Ketostix are notorious for false negatives.

  3. AndrewRawrRawr

    If you are just starting or still have a significant amount to lose you should focus on finding eating strategies that leave you in no doubt about your ketosis. You will have time to find where you limits are later but right now you need to start with the basics.
    That aside, I wouldn't recommend ketostix to anyone really. As you seem to know there is a delay between changes in blood ketone levels and urine levels. Beyond that urine levels can vary wildly due to hydration and diet. Also you are testing for acetone while what you are actually interested in is beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate. This all leads to ketostix being a very unreliable test for changes in ketone levels.
    Once you get to a stable place on the diet and want to know what you can handle to make this a more realistic lifestyle I would definitely suggest everyone invest in a blood test meter, aside from glucose there are also ketone test strips. This will give you an instantaneous reading of blood beta-hydroxybutyrate levels. The strips are kind of expensive so I would really only use these a few times to get a good bearing on what your limits are once you have meals in place that you know are keto.

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