How Ketosis Carbs

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Ketosis & Ketone Test Strips

Discuss this article! By Doreen EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT KETOSIS ... 1. What are ketones? 2. How will ketosis help me to lose weight? 3. But, isn't ketosis dangerous? 4. How do the ketone test strips work, and where do I get them? 5. I'm following Induction strictly; why won't my strips turn purple? 6. Will I lose weight faster if the strips show dark purple all the time? 7. Does caffeine affect ketosis? 8. Will drinking alcohol affect ketosis? What are ketones? Ketones are a normal and efficient source of fuel and energy for the human body. They are produced by the liver from fatty acids, which result from the breakdown of body fat in response to the absence of glucose/sugar. In a ketogenic diet, such as Atkins ... or diets used for treating epilepsy in children, the tiny amounts of glucose required for some select functions can be met by consuming a minimum amount of carbs - or can be manufactured in the liver from PROTEIN. When your body is producing ketones, and using them for fuel, this is called "ketosis". How will ketosis help me to lose weight? Most reducing diets restrict calorie intake, so you lose weight but some of that is fat and some of it is lean m Continue reading >>

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  1. Margot LaNoue

    Maybe, but it depends on a few factors:

    What are the net carbs in the bar? (n)
    n = (grams carbs) - (grams fiber)

    How many carbs have you already consumed today? (x)
    x = total carbs before protein bar
    If (n+x) > 40 then you've probably been kicked out of keto.
    If (n+x) < 40 then you're probably still in keto.
    Your personal limit may differ from my general rule of 40g net carbs per day. Since you know your body best, go with your personal number. To test your limits, use keto sticks to test your urine for the presence of ketones. Color doesn't matter because being in ketosis is like being pregnant. You can't be a little pregnant, you either are or aren't.

  2. Steve Clarke

    It depends entirely on the types of carbs.
    Simple carbs will increase insulin secretion but 17g should be OK... just be careful.
    If the carbs were in fact fiber (Quest bars) you'll be absolutely fine. They are my go to treat when I play with Ketosis.
    Keep your carbs below 50g and get most from fiber and complex carbs.
    Also to note: Some processed sugars will cause insulin spike also.

  3. Raj Patel

    Most likely not. But it depends on how many total carbs you ate that day. Also if all those 17 grams are from sugar or not? It is a lot of carbs in one shot. If your on a ketogenic diet I would avoid protien shakes and bars.

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