How Is Ketosis Dangerous

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Is The Ketogenic Diet Safe For People With Diabetes?

Is The Ketogenic Diet Safe for People with Diabetes? If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, chances are you’re looking for simple yet effective ways to control your blood sugar. And, if at all possible, without the use of daily shots or medications. As I’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts, exercise is one of the best natural ways to manage blood glucose. But perhaps the most obvious way to keep blood sugar at a safe and consistent level without insulin is to pay special attention to what you eat. And, in the case of diabetes, limiting your carbohydrate intake may be the key. What Is the Keto Diet? At first glance the ketogenic (keto) diet may seem like a crazy idea for type 2 diabetics. After all, many patients are put on diets to help them lose weight. The keto diet is high in fat, but it is very low in carbs, and this combination can help change the way your body stores and uses energy. With this diet your body converts fat instead of sugar into energy, which can improve blood glucose levels while reducing the need for insulin. Ketosis VS Ketoacidosis Ketosis and ketoacidosis are two very different things, which are often confused. But it’s very important you understand Continue reading >>

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  1. WantHealth

    Hi ya'll, it's me again,
    I'm just recovering from a horrendous UTI (urinary tract infection). I have only had one once before in my entire life and I can tell you UTIs are incredibly painful.
    I'm wondering if there is any connection between getting a UTI and diabetes or perhaps a connection with being new to a low carb diet. I've been very low carb-ing (less that 30 g per day) for about a month now and prior to this past month I was keeping carbs under 60 g per day.
    I'm just wondering if ketosis brings on bacteria in our bodies for a short time? Any thoughts?

  2. PlantCityRose

    I have the UTI problem if my BG is too high.

  3. Gladtobehere

    A major symptom of untreated diabetes is/are infections that won't seem to go away. So....YES, there possibly is a connection.
    Get tested. Or simply buy a Glucometer and test yourself. And if all else fails see a doctor.

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