How Is Ketoacidosis Different Than Ketosis

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Ketosis & Measuring Ketones

Generally, ketone concentrations are lower in the morning and higher in the evening. Whatever time you pick to measure ketone levels, make sure to keep it consistent. Also, do not measure your ketone levels right after exercise. Ketone levels tend to be lower while your glucose levels higher so you won't get representative numbers. Keep in mind there are daily fluctuations caused by changes in hormone levels. Don't get discouraged! Another aspect that affects the level of ketones is the amount of fat in your diet. Some of you may show higher concentration of ketones after a high-fat meal. Coconut oil contains MCTs that will help you boost ketones. To easily increase your fat intake on a ketogenic diet, try fat bombs - snacks with at least 80% fat content. Ketone levels tend to be higher after extensive aerobic exercise as your body depletes glycogen stores. Exercise may help you get into ketosis faster. ketogenic "fruity" breath is not pleasant for most people. To avoid this, drink a lot of water, mint tea and make sure you eat foods rich in electrolytes. Avoid too many chewing gums and mints, as it may put you out of ketosis; there may be hidden carbs affecting your blood sugar. I Continue reading >>

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  1. InTheMaking25

    I've been on keto for almost 2 weeks now. Been pretty consistent with the carbs but I had 2 drinks last night, and a mini binge session on Lindt's 85% dark swiss thins - they will be the end of me. T_T
    Anyway my question is - on the occasional day when my carb count is say 20-30g over what it should be, is it possible to minimize the impact of the excess carbs by working out a little harder that day? I usually walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes on incline... so would upping that to maybe 60-70 minutes on a "bad day" help? Thanks :)

  2. bidnow

    Not really. It is easier to do what you are talking about after you are keto adapted, however you have barely begun and your body will not easily switch over to fat burning mode unless you are consistent and strong at first. The recommendation is to strictly limit carbs to <20g the first two weeks to knock out carb cravings and hasten keto adaptation. You have succumbed to your carb cravings, and if you are 20-30g over your 20g target, you really have not started yet.

  3. DownhillYardSale

    Eating less than ~100 mg of carbs in a day will put you into ketosis, albeit the ketone production will not be as pronounced.

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