How Fast Can Ketoacidosis Occur

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Serious Complication

A balanced body chemistry is crucial for a healthy human body. A sudden drop in pH can cause significant damage to organ systems and even death. This lesson takes a closer look at a condition in which the pH of the body is severely compromised called diabetic ketoacidosis. Definition Diabetic ketoacidosis, sometimes abbreviated as DKA, is a condition in which a high amount of acid in the body is caused by a high concentration of ketone bodies. That definition might sound complicated, but it's really not. Acidosis itself is the state of too many hydrogen ions, and therefore too much acid, in the blood. A pH in the blood leaving the heart of 7.35 or less indicates acidosis. Ketones are the biochemicals produced when fat is broken down and used for energy. While a healthy body makes a very low level of ketones and is able to use them for energy, when ketone levels become too high, they make the body's fluids very acidic. Let's talk about the three Ws of ketoacidosis: who, when, and why. Type one diabetics are the group at the greatest risk for ketoacidosis, although the condition can occur in other groups of people, such as alcoholics. Ketoacidosis usually occurs in type one diabetics Continue reading >>

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  1. lauraj

    Hiya, my son Ryan has had d since 6/08 but today is the first time i have had positive test for large ketones. He has had a bit of a fever for a couple of days and has had mainly high sugars.
    I am really worried tonight as i have never had a positive result like this. He is on Twice daily injections but i have given him a bit of extra Novorapid before bed and just wondered if anybody could help give me a clearer idea of what may happen? Thanks

  2. Lee

    I do not really understand the two shots a day theory, so I cannot helpout much with that - but I urge you to be in contact with your endo team!!!!
    Other then that, push non-carbed liquids - lots of them, and he will need extra insulin to clear up the ketones!

  3. lauraj

    Thanks, i rang them and they said to see how he goes through the night but i am still worried sick. I have been trying to get him to drink loads but he is tired so asleep now. I just hope the rest helps his blood sugar come down

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