How Does Ketosis Lower Blood Pressure

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Ketogenic Diet And High Cholesterol

I recently got some blood work back and I wanted to share my results in hopes that it may offer some insight to others who may find themselves at the crossroads of the ketogenic diet and high cholesterol. I have been following a low-carb high-fat diet since July and generally speaking I have been really happy with how it has impacted my body composition, athletic performance, energy and blood sugar control. I’ve written an ebook about it (specifically in relation to type 1 diabetes) and I want to be fair and share the challenges that I’m having as well. What I am presenting here is in no way advice or even a solution that I have found for myself–but rather a question that I am working through. I’ve always had elevated cholesterol (last 10 years) and I’ve always prioritized my blood sugar management over cholesterol. Simply put, there are more questions about the risks of cholesterol than the risks of elevated blood sugar, so I focus on the “devil I know”. I got my bloodwork back and found that my total cholesterol is 383 with LDL at 292. My a1c was 6.5. Neither of these individually are what I am shooting for and both in combination are a bit more alarming. Being perf Continue reading >>

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  1. PeaceHealthLife

    I have read both that a keto diet is not recommended for people with high blood pressure and I have also read that it is recommended. What is your opinion? I am interested in a Keto Diet because I think my body would respond well, but do have high blood pressure. I know a lot of what I would be eating (cheese, some meats) can be high in sodium. My cholesterol and blood sugar are good. Going to the doctor in two week and will ask her, but wanted to get some opinions.

  2. amusedmonkey

    In general, keto does lower blood pressure if you are a sodium responder, but could raise it if you are a high responder for stress and are not finding the diet pleasant. If you are on medications it's highly recommended to always have the ability to contact your doctor. Keto hugely affects electrolytes which could cause uncontrollable dramatic drops in blood pressure if you are on meds for it, and may require a dose adjustment along the way. Try it and see how it does for you, but keep your doctor on board.

  3. Gallowmere1984

    Also, if you go the carnivore route, most meats and oils are very low in sodium anyway, so long as you stay far away from canned stuff.

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