How Does Ketosis Affect Blood Tests

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Optimal Ketone And Blood Sugar Levels For Ketosis

A low carb helps reduce blood sugars and insulin levels and helps with the management of many of the diseases of modern civilisation (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s). We become insulin resistant when our body fat can’t store any more energy. Excess energy is then stored in the liver, pancreas, heart, brain and other organs that are more insulin sensitive. We also see increased levels of energy in our blood in the form of glucose, fat and elevated ketone. Endogenous ketosis occurs when we eat less food than we need. Our insulin and blood sugar levels decrease and ketones rise to supply the energy we need. Exogenous ketosis occurs when we eat lots fat and/or take exogenous ketones. Blood ketones rise, but our insulin levels will also rise because we have an excess of energy coming from our diet. Most of the good things associated with ketosis occur due to endogenous ketosis. Most people following a ketogenic diet over the long term have ketone values lower than what some people consider to be “optimal ketosis”. If your goal is blood sugar control, longevity or weight loss then endogenous ketosis with lower blood sugars and lower ke Continue reading >>

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  1. as1

    Recently I got blood work done after keto dieting for about 6 weeks to see what type of an effect it had on me. Ive done Body Opus numerous times in the past and its always worked great. The test results were horrible. High treglycerides, my HDL is almost rock bottom, my homocysteine is high and even my liver AST was high. I've always supplemented with Flameout and extra virgin olive oil but it obviously isn't helping.

    Anyone ever test themselves before while on a keto diet or have a clue of what is happening here? I've always had good blood work when eating a balanced normal diet. This will probably be my last keto diet. I was thinking of just using the EVOO and the Flameout as my main sources of fat intake and minimizing saturated fats.

  2. Thomas_Gabriel

    I'm kind of surprised. Even your liver? Wow.
    How much Flameout were you taking?
    What was your main source of fats?

    Unless your diet was severely out of whack wrt saturated fat, I think this may be caused by something besides the diet.

  3. joburnet

    I've never had blood work done but I'm not a fan of keto diets because after about two weeks I get weak, tired, and my libido drops. It may be different for different people though.

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